How to make Sharwama sandwich and French fries

Posted: November 28th, 2013




How to make Sharwama sandwich and French fries

Sharwama sandwich is a common meal in the Middle East and some parts of Europe. It has become common in the western world due to the Middle East people introducing it in their restaurants. It is a balanced diet dish, which consists of meat, flat bread and vegetables stuffing with sauce. It consists of thinly sliced pieces of seasoned meat wrapped in pita bread with vegetables and sauce. The Sharwama is served with French fries. The meat may either be chicken, goat, beef, lamb, turkey and fish. The pita is a large flatbread steamed or heated to attain light char. It is alight to-go dish, which is served by itself, with salads like tabouleh and falafel, with fries and some times alone on a plate without pita. This dish is made and sold in restaurant although it can be made at home with ease. The dish conserves time since after preparation the cooking does not require constant attention. The following is the process of making Sharwama both in a restaurant and at home.

Sharwama is made by first seasoning the meat, which may be chicken, beef, lamb or goat. In a separate bowl coriander, cumin, cardamom, chili powder, paprika and grill seasoning are all combined. Then half a lemon juice is added together with garlic and three tablespoons of Evoo into this combination. The mixture is stirred until it forms a paste like solution. Then this mixture is slathered all over the meat until all the pieces of meat are well coated. Once the meat is seasoned in this mixture, it is stacked in a cone tower that is a vertical spit placed before a grill. The seasoned meat is combined with strips of fat as it is stacked on the spit and an onion or tomato is placed at the stacks top to add flavoring. The meat is then grilled on all sides as the spit rotates in front or over a flame slowly for hours. A person may grill two or more selections of meat on different spits and combine them in the Sharwama. The stacked meat is cooked for several minutes or hours depending on the size of the stack. The meat is then shaved off the stack while still cooking using a large knife, a small circular saw or an electric knife to a circular tray that is below the cone tower. It is then retrieved from the tray.

The pita bread is prepared by mixing yeast with flour, salt, sugar or honey in a bowl. The instructions on the yeast packet should be followed to ensure that it works and the dough rises. Then Olive oil is added to the mixture and stirred together. The desired amount of water is added to the mixture and kneaded to the proper consistency, in order to combine all the ingredients and break the dough to be stretchy, elastic and enable it rise. When the dough reaches the correct consistency, it is covered in a bowl with a plastic polythene bag or a damp kitchen towel and left to rise for an hour. The dough doubles in size when it rises and it is divided into small pieces of the desired size. Then each piece is rolled into a ball, covered by plastic polythene and left for twenty minutes to relax. It is then rolled out into a large flat disk using a rolling pin. The dough should be rolled from the middle towards the outside all around. The oven is preheated to four hundred degrees when the balls are being rolled out and the baking stone is put in the oven to heat. A cookie sheet can be placed on the middle rack in the oven and used to bake the dough in the absence of a baking stone. The disks are placed on the hot baking surface in the oven. After three minutes, the pitas are baked completely, puffy and ready to be eaten.

The meat is retrieved from the circular tray and wrapped in the pita bread into a sandwich together with dressings and vegetables. The vegetables that accompany Sharwama include onions, cucumber, tomato, lettuce, parsley, eggplant, pickled turnips, cabbage and pickled gherkins. These vegetables are washed and chopped into small sizes to make it easy to stuff them into the sandwich. The dressings include hummus, pickled mango with chilbeh sauce, tahini or flavored with vinegar and spices. Spices that are used on Sharwama are cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom. The dressing and spices are sprinkled on the Sharwama to give it a rich taste.

The French fries that are served with the Sharwama are prepared by first peeling the potatoes. Then the potatoes are washed in clean water and rinsed until all the dirt is removed. The potatoes are then sliced into uniform strips that measure half an inch by half an inch. The strips are then rinsed in water and left for five to ten minutes to dry off. Oil is poured into a cooking pot and heated hot to three hundred and seventy five degrees. The dry potato strips are dropped into the hot oil and fried to a golden brown color for a bout ten minutes. The French fries are removed from the pot and drained on paper towels. Salt is added and they are ready to be served. The Sharwama dish is ready to be served with the French fries.

The Sharwama sandwich served with French fries is a balanced diet dish, which is favorable to people of all ages. It can be prepared at home within a short period since the pita can be bought from the supermarket and the seasoned meat can be grilled in an outside or indoor grill. The Sharwama dish is convenient and saves time since a person seasons the meat while the dough is covered waiting to rise. As the meat is being grilled slowly, the dough is rolled out and baked in the oven. The potatoes for the French fries are peeled and cut into strips then deep-fried in the oil while the meat is cooking and the pita is baking. This ensures that no time is wasted while cooking this dish. Meat is seasoned to make it spicy and the vegetables and dressings are topped to make it more nutritious. A person can use the meat they desire since it is not limited to a particular meat product. The sandwich can be eaten when a person is walking or in a hurry without being limited by the use of curtly. It is convenient since the bread can be frozen and the meat left on the grill to be kept hot for eating later.

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