How well do you think minorities are represented in state legislatures?

Posted: August 12th, 2013





How Well Do You Think Minorities are represented in State Legislatures?

            It remains that minorities are underrepresented in state legislature, in America. The minority vote is considered a threat to white politicians who believe that the country has to be led by white politicians. Therefore, it is believed that there has been political play at hand to undermine the effect of minority votes in America. However, the demographics in America have been changing and the minority population continues to grow. The problem remains that this population increase does not translate to the state legislature. What should happen is the fact that as the population increases; representation in the state legislature should coincide with such growth in minority population. The minority groups should be accorded adequate representation in state legislature so that their issues can be fully addressed.

Despite the dismal representation in state legislatures, it is important to note that there has been an increase in the number of minority representation in state legislatures across the country. This number has increased compared to the past. All over the country, each state house of representative has a minimal representation of minority groups. Compared to the 60s and the years before where representation of minority groups was almost non-existent. The number of minority representation has changed because of the fact that America today allows anyone who wishes to vie for public office to do so despite of his or her race. Therefore, the minorities have stepped up and are championing the needs of their people through representation in public offices.

When it comes to the level of the representation of minorities in state representation, it might be said that they have not been adequately represented. However, it does not mean that the people currently holding political office do not care for the minority class. It may be true that the presence of a minority individual in political office has an influence on policy issues affecting the minority, but it should not be the basis for electing a person in office. People should look for leadership that will help all Americans and not just a minority group in the community. The moment people start electing individuals based on race; people will start to lose sight of choosing leaders who uphold American values and most of all, leaders who embody integrity and service to all peoples. We cannot ignore the demographic nature of America. In fact, we should embrace it. The American people should stop looking at themselves as part of a minority and start looking at themselves as part of larger America. Nevertheless, until all Americans think in this way, minority leaders need to be increased.

The presence of minority group in legislative assemblies is an important factor for Americans thought to be in the minority population. This is because they may be able to influence policy to favor the minority. It is believed that if the legislative assemblies are predominantly white, then issues affecting the minority may be put in the background. However, the low numbers of minority leaders may still be a disadvantage since they ay not have enough backing to ensure that their policies ideas are put forth. There seems to be a political glass ceiling for minority leaders to take up public office. The struggle for equality remains a big factor for minority politicians. The minority in America are at times considered second-rate citizens. For example in employment, minorities are not given equal pay to their counterparts who are in the same position. In this sense, it may b difficult for minorities to hold political office without the proper support of the majority that may consider them second-rate American.

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