HU: Where can I learn more about Data Center Management?

Posted: August 7th, 2013





HU: Where can I learn more about Data Center Management?

From: Ima Star

To: Anita Lotta-Help

Date: October 10, 2012

Re: Cloud Computing


It is my understanding that you seek information regarding what topics should be included in the memos. Here is what I think. Primarily data center management requires one to have sufficient knowledge regarding efficient data comprehensive IT virtualization, infrastructure, and cloud management. Efficient large data center management involves having a resourceful toolset for managing the services and applications of the system. This should enable productive infrastructure, cloud computing on personal terms as well as predictable applications (, 1). In this regard, numerous website resources that provides relevant information pertaining to large data center management. Key papers that should prove useful include the Microsoft website, “howstuffworks”, and “infoworld”.


Harris, Robert article, "Evaluating Internet Research Sources" gives detailed information regarding information technology and identifying suitable means of improving internet related computer systems. Its major advantage comes through giving a detailed overview on the evaluation of internet research sources. One disadvantage however is that it gives a general view and requires one to conduct further research., through its article, “Server and Cloud Platform.” offers current considerations available in Data Center Management. It gives relevant considerations that pertain to practices in data center management. However, the resource does to provide information on he kinds of environments it can be applied.
The Howstuffworks website provides the article “How Cloud Computing Works” that gives an overview on cloud computing as a current trend and its applications. It is beneficial because it is exhaustive on issues and considerations associated with cloud computing. However, it does not offer the kinds of environments the infrastructure can be applied.

Regarding resource findings based from the above three data center management resources, TRU should look to employ cloud computing to take advantage of the ability of paying for computer resources on short-term basis as required. Using this technological infrastructure will enable the organization to reduce operational costs since capital expenditure will be transformed into operational expenditure (Harris, 1). Furthermore, since this infrastructure is provided by an external third party, there is no need for TRU to make the purchase infrequent or one time intensive computing tasks. Few skills in IT are required and pricing based on computing utility with usage-based options.

On demand, self-servicing will allow obtaining, configuring, and the deployment of cloud services using IT catalogues already available to TRU. The self-servicing characteristic of cloud computing prompts vendors of this infrastructure to create templates of cloud computing obtained from catalogues of cloud computing. Companies that manufacture these kinds of templates include Red Hat, RightScale and Hewlett. Among the three, TRU should choose to employ Red Hat since it has the most suitable consumer friendly offer compared to the other two. The templates offered by Red Hat provide efficient information required to run the technical information relating the IT set up used by TRU.


In addition, the implementation of cloud computing will enable the organization to address its market opportunity of making online sales. This will be facilitated by the location independence of the device. In this case, the users will be access TRU’s website through a functional web browser regardless of the device used (mobile phone, PC) or location. Since the infrastructure has off-site qualities, users can access from any location. In addition, the current trend in cloud computing will allow sharing of resources among the IT centers. Furthermore, the organization can no longer vest its reliance on AT&T as its service provider. Replacing it with cloud computing infrastructure implies a centralized infrastructure accessible to all IT centers with reduced operational costs compared to AT&T as its service provider. In terms of maintenance, the requirements are not demanding because the infrastructure need not be installed in the user’s computer, rather, it is accessed from different locations (Howstuffworks, 3).

Another advantage of cloud computing comes through improved security due to the centralization of data. However, concerns over control loss can persist over certain sensitive data. Nevertheless, security is better than the AT&T traditional system because the provider, Red Hat devotes its resources at solving issues in security that would prove expensive if provided by another third party. However, it is prudent to put into consideration the size of TRU’s information system. Security in cloud computing infrastructure becomes complicated when it is distributed over a greater number of devices or over a wide area.


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