Human Relations and Development

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Human Relations and Development






Human Relations and Development

            Business etiquette involves learning the proper behavior standards in different situations. It includes learning the proper communication skills using different media, fundamental ethical values, and the proper behavior in both social and business setting. It also includes lessons in communication etiquette such as using cell phones, ensuring etiquette when using the social media and email, online networking, business dining and social skills. Executives and other people in high-level positions should treat those who are below them with respect. This is part of business etiquette, and it ensures that the executives gain more respect. High-level business personalities recognize the importance of business etiquette in enhancing their reputation and credibility. They realize that the way they conduct themselves is a reflection of their organizations. They also realize that people in lower levels are watching their conduct, and they have to conduct themselves in a proper manner (Martin & Chaney, 2006).

People in high-level positions have increasingly become interested in etiquette training because of the changes in the business environment. Many high-level business personalities are choosing to conduct their businesses in social settings. This is different from the past cases, where many people conducted business affairs in the office. Moreover, the increase in etiquette training is due to the globalization of many businesses. This means that business personalities have to familiarize themselves with the customs of people from different backgrounds. Executives have to ensure that they are sensitive to other people’s culture. This includes the manner of dress, greetings and other communication, and relationships with different genders. In some cultures, business is more formal, and people are expected to dress formally when making any business deal. Executives have to learn this, since they have to apply it when they are conducting business in a social setting. Business executives wishing to open up businesses in different regions know the importance of business etiquette. How a person behaves can either make or break a business deal. Business etiquette prepares executives, and it enables them to learn how to network with people in different organizations (Chaney & Martin, 2007)






















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