Human Relations and Development

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Human Relations and Development






Human Relations and Development

There are several situations, which compel people to conduct job searches. Some people consider conducting job searches in their careers when they feel dissatisfied working for their companies. They may want to quit working in their respective companies for different reasons. Some people may not get along with their employers, or they may be having a difficult time in their places of employment. This compels them to start job searching in the hope that they will get better employment elsewhere. People conduct job searches when they have been laid off (Lock, 2004). A company may be going under, and it may be forced to lay off some people. This is especially the case in this soft economy, where many companies are shutting down, and many professionals are left without jobs. The person does not have a choice in this case, and he or she has to look for employment at a different company.

Some people conduct job searches when they are anticipating lay offs. They live with the fear and anticipation that they are going to be laid off. They may not want to wait for when this happens, and they begin to conduct their job searches early. People usually observe the trend in their respective industries and in the economy. If the situation is such that there are massive lay offs, the person will start searching for a job before he or she is laid off. A person may be compelled to conduct a job search when he or she has held the same position in the company for a long time. The person feels that he has been stagnant in that position, despite reporting improved and better performance. He or she may want to conduct job searches, so that they can look for better opportunities elsewhere (Tucker, n. d.). People want to develop in their careers, and they do not want to hold the same position for many years. They want to advance, and build up professionally. They want jobs where they will receive promotions, and they start looking for such opportunities (Krannich, 2002).


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