Human Relations and Development

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Human Relations and Development






Human Relations and Development

An extreme job is one where people work for many hours leaving minimal time for rest. Some people holding extreme jobs work for more than sixty hours in one week. An extreme job involves a lot of travel. People who have extreme jobs usually have more responsibilities and commitments. They have to be available whenever their clients need them, irrespective of the time. They often have to meet short deadlines, meaning they have to work all the time. People who have extreme jobs usually have an unpredictable workflow (Hewlett & Luce, 2006). Some extreme jobs can be risky, and they require a lot of caution and care.

An advantage of extreme jobs is that they have high rewards. They are high paying, and people with these kinds of jobs are usually held in high esteem (Hewlett & Luce, 2006). People who hold extreme jobs usually find high satisfaction in their jobs because of the challenges. Many people report that they love their jobs. This motivates them to work in such extreme conditions. Another advantage is that one gets to see many places and experience different things because of the heavy traveling. People who hold extreme jobs have the opportunity to mentor those in lower positions. They are often seen as role models, and they sometimes offer training to individuals (Hewlett & Luce, 2006).

Perhaps the major disadvantage of extreme jobs is that they have negative effects on people’s health. People with these kinds of jobs do not get enough sleep. Many people with such jobs are usually tired and exhausted. This often makes a person fatigued. People who have extreme jobs usually have a poor diet. They have no time to cook or eat right, and most of them overeat. He or she does not have enough time for a social life or other activities that are not work related. This means that the person does not have enough time to develop relationships outside of the work environment. Another disadvantage is that it affects the family life. People with extreme jobs do not have time for their families. This can affect the relationship between spouses, or between the parents and children. This has threatened many marriages and has led to family breakups (Gardner, 2006).


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