Human Resource Management

Posted: October 17th, 2013

Human Resource Management




Human Resource Management

It is important to prepare employees before they go for international assignments so that the company can reduce the failure rate. Companies can do this by having a training program. The four-step-approach training program is the most suitable in this case. The first level in this approach involves making the employees aware of the cultural differences that they will encounter. Many employees experience culture shock when they go for international assignments, and this contributes to increased failure rates. The employees need to know how the difference in culture will affect their business performance. The management should provide the employees with the information, which will help the employees to have a brief understanding on the type of culture to expect, and the differences between their culture and that of their new country. This will enable the employees modify their behavior and attitude (Grobler & Warnich, 2005).

The second level involves training employees on how they form attitudes towards their new environment, and how this attitude affects and influences their behavior. Employee’s attitude can be positive or negative, and this determines how the employee treats the local workers. Having stereotypical beliefs will determine the attitude that the employee forms towards the locals. Employees need to have the right relational skills, as this will helps them get along with the locals. The employees’ attitudes can determine their relational skills. Stereotyping encourages employees to have defined opinions concerning the locals, and this opinion is often a misrepresentation of the true nature of the locals. The training program should include play out roles and examples of incidents where the trainer presents certain scenarios to the employees, and they determine and describe their reaction (Grobler & Warnich, 2005).

The third level in this approach involves equipping the employee with the factual knowledge they need regarding the country where they will be working. It is important for the employees to have some facts regarding the country. Having some knowledge will instill the employees with the confidence they need. It will help them understand the people better, since they will have a general idea of what to expect. Moreover, this information will be useful for the employees in terms of preparing them in determining where to live, the kind of schools available, the products, services and social amenities available, and the kind of weather to expect among things. Factual knowledge also includes bring knowledgeable concerning security measures. Such information is especially important for employees, as it will determine whether they will accept their new role, and whether they will take their families with them, when they move to the new country.

The final level in this approach concerns providing the employees with the skills they need in order for them to adjust to the place of employment and learn the language. Although learning the local language is important, it is often not an immediate concern for the employees. Most of the employees depend on their relational skills. This is because getting along well with people is more important in determining whether the employee will be successful. An employee can be fluent in the local language but this will not benefit her much if she fails to have the right relational skills. Many employees tend to learn the language as they continue living in the country. Some of them never get the chance of knowing the language, yet they still manage to succeed in their new environment. The management should provide the employees with the skills they need to learn the language, in case the employees feel that they will have better performance when they learn the local better.



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