Human resources challenges

Posted: September 5th, 2013

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Human resources challenges







Human resources challenges

Recruiting health care professionals

A challenge in recruiting health care professionals is that they have many remuneration demands that are difficult to meet. Doctors and other health care professionals are consolidated in their unions that put pressure on hospitals to increase salaries and other benefits. Therefore, most workers demand high levels of salaries that may be difficult for the hospitals to pay. Globally, health professionals have had an upper hand in negotiating for their salaries. Many doctors unions and organizations for example the Union of American Physicians and Dentists (UAPD) have been at the forefront in negotiating doctors’ salaries and their respective bills in Congress.

Recruiting health care officials requires professionals who possess excellent academic qualifications in various fields of medicine. Doctors are required to be competent in all aspects of surgery, dentistry and all other forms of health expertise. The nature of administering healthcare to patients requires that doctors need to be knowledgeable and competent. However, many people do not get the opportunity to further their expertise and experience. This is particularly true in developing countries. Hospitals end up employing less skilled professionals who may not achieve the organization’s goals of saving lives, reducing health problems and other objectives.

Recruiting health care professionals within many modern health facilities is a task that has been allocated to recruitment firms. The recruitment firms have various officials that select the potential employees, screen them and decide on the best candidates for the job. However, these firms have inadequate experts and processes to scrutinize talented individuals. Some similar companies are also corrupt and biased towards pursuing their health firm’s interests. As a result, most of these companies employ under qualified people. Unskilled people increase the levels of inefficiency within hospitals and other health institutions.

Maintaining staffing levels

Communication is a major problem in maintaining the level of staff. The management needs to maintain effective communication across the workforce. The flow of information is vital in an organization as it brings about the feeling of being needed in a firm. Managers will also benefit from the communication as they can get more in tune with the dynamics of the business. This is however difficult as some employees have poor communication skills. Some firms also have different structures that do not allow effective communication. The lack of effective and timely communication within an organization will seclude staff and make most of them seek jobs elsewhere.

Maintaining the level of staff is also affected by globalization. With the increased networking among firms, people and business processes, globalization has changed the way in which healthcare firms maintain employees. Having competent staff to manage the health facilities in different parts of the globe may be difficult considering the different working standards, logistics and regulations. For overseas companies, it is even more complicated as the different cultures and markets within foreign countries pose a great challenge to employees who may want to quit their jobs. The ease with which job opportunities emerge due to globalization also makes it difficult to maintain the staff levels.

Maintaining the number of staff in an organization is also hampered by the availability of resources. Such resources may include adequate money, office space, qualified trainers and other types of resources. The process of training and improving on the skills on employees is very expensive. Attending to the needs and demands of employees like pay hikes maybe difficult for an organization. Furthermore, upgrading the facilities to expand and maintain the staff levels may also be difficult especially for growing companies. As a result, healthcare employees may decide to seek better pay and working conditions in other health facilities.

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