Human Resources Management (HRM)

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Importance of human resource

Three ways of HR activities support an organization

Acquiring right personnel

The human resource department manages the employees of an organization. All organizations need employees to carry out various duties in the organization. They are essential asset and their productivity generates revenue for the organization. The human resource department ensures the organization has the required personnel for the right job. This department has personnel who are good at identifying qualified employees for the jobs. It is vital for an organization to have the right employees. It highly contributes to the success of the organization (Mondy, Noe & Gowan, 12).


Assist in organization’s challenges

In an organization, employees face many challenges from different aspects. These challenges may cause problems to the line managers because it will be difficult to work with their staff. The human resource department looks into these challenges and subdues them. This department tries to solve as many problems as possible to maintain a peaceful working environment. Favorable environment improves the staff’s cooperation with the line manager. The staff concentrates on their work, which contributes in achieving goals and objectives of the organization (Martin, 60).

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