Human Resources Management (HRM)

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Assignment 8

A large telephone company wants to reduce waste in the place of work, in order to make a friendlier environment in the organization. However, the employees of the organization are reluctant to change and ignorant on how to reduce, reuse and recycle waste. In order to bring change, I will use Action Research Approach strategy. This research involves the active participation of everyone in the organization in order to bring change, while at the same time conducting research. Research involves testing what effects the concepts applied would bring. The principles of this approach include open systems perspective, problem oriented and data driven process and highly participative process.


In this, behaviors and new attitudes towards the change would be tested. Other than individual training, team training could be introduced in this stage. Team training would be an advantage as people work together to implement the change. When the change is stabilized, the organization will do away with the consultant services and starting working on itself in stabilizing the change further. In a case where change is not achieved, coercion could be introduced. This involves assertive influence of change. Policies relating to waste management would be introduced. Extreme forms of learning would also be introduced. However, this step is not advisable it minimizes trust of employees to the organization and it could create more resistance to change.

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