Human resources services

Posted: September 4th, 2013

Human resources services







Human resources services

1.0 Introduction:

The ABC firm centers on the property sector. In the last three years, it has been experiencing certain challenges and has discovered certain issues in the work place. This document therefore is prepared to control and supervise the company staff. The ABC Company aims at preparing the codes of ethics and conduct that are in line with the organizations objectives. This will enable the new employees and the current employees to base their work performance on making the company a success. The managers relay these codes to the staff so that they are aware of the company’s expectations (Gilmore & Williams 2009).

2.0 Background of the ABC Company:

The ABC Company was found in 1999. A husband and a wife in Brisbane started it. It later grew having offices across Australia with staff up to a maximum number of one hundred. The ABC Company seeks to improve the professional property sector, offer advice to its clients on the properties they should consider purchasing and according to their needs. They also maintain a great reputation so that they are able to maintain their clients and acquire more.

3.0 Scope:

The code of ethics and conduct implemented by the company are to enable the employees to know their duties in the company. These codes will improve the employee performance increasing the companies’ reputation and success. The staff is guided by these codes in their day-to-day performance.

4.0 Value to the organization:

            The ABC Company has knowledge on the current possible disputes from the client’s feedback. In addition, they are aware of the indifferences that occur in teamwork, management and the breach of the client confidentiality. The organization aims to maintain customer satisfaction, offer equal training for the employees, maintain high integrity and unite its employees reducing conflict. They also aim to uphold high client confidentiality.

5.0 Equity and Justice

5.1 Harassment

Harassment affects other people’s rights and feelings. ABA Company introduced the harassment legislation to promote respect between the employees and the employer and respect within the employees. This act aims at preventing cases such as racism, sexism and bullying. Harassment can lower the morale of the employees’ and make them not feel part of the organization. It may also result to a loss of competent employees from the organization due to a working environment that is not conducive. Harassment situations will be handled fairly and fast since they are unacceptable to the organization. Disciplinary action is leveled against any employee guilty of harassment.

  • Discrimination: Any unfair treatment by one person to another is discrimination. This may be due to their age, disability, race, sex or pregnancy. Indirect discrimination may also happen. This is when an unreasonable rule unfairly affects people with a particular characteristic compared to people without the characteristic. Discrimination also includes the bad treatment among the staff. The staff therefore should respect each other. They should also respect the majority’s opinion. In case of emergence of a problem, the top management has to be informed. ABC Company faces this challenge since they receive complaints from the customers. Due to this, equal opportunity and the affirmative action law statement is conducted in the organization to ensure every employee is treated fairly. It will ensure no sex, age, race, marital status, pregnancy, impairment, gender history, and sexual orientation discrimination exists.

6.0 Respect for people:

6.1 Confidentiality

            ABC Company deals with sensitive information such as client’s personal information, bank statements and credit cards. This information is of confidential nature. Employees handling these information are expected not to share them with any third party unless otherwise. No employee is to gain access to this information without authorization from the person in charge. In addition, employees should maintain privacy of the oral communication between him and the client where requested. Staff records are also confidential. This enables the staff members to feel comfortable that the information relating to them is safe from disclolosure to third parties.

6.2 Complaints

            Complaints arise from clients when they are not satisfied by the services received from the employees. ABC Company uses these complaints to better their services according to the clients needs. This makes them gain competitive advantage against other rival companies. ABC Company aims on the improvement and analyzing process. The ABC Company is willing to gauge the complaints in order to act seriously on complaints raised by a customer. It also aims at implementing a process that will channel the staff behavior clearly. This assists the staff to solve the client’s complaints and follow the rules and procedures (Jackson, Schule, Werner & Jackson, 2009).

7.0 References to legislation

            The equal opportunity act 1984 and commonwealth legislation does not allow unlawful discrimination because of a persons sex, race or religion. It prohibits other unlawful acts like sexual or racial harassment in the work place. In the decision making process, complaints should be in writing and addressed to the commissioner for equal opportunity. It will then be reviewed and if within the rule, it will be investigated and solved. If solving the complaint is unsuccessful, the complaint will be referred to the Equal opportunity tribunal for hearing and possible solution given

8.0 Consequences for Breach of Code:

There is a solution for every problem. ABC Company ensures follow the business procedures. Employees that fail to follow these procedures are liable to punishment. An employee who repeats the same mistake once is warned or may be discontinued from the job. Employees are notified on such cases that result to breach of code. This enables them to do what follow the rules and make the organization a success. The organizations expectations are also clear in this case.

9.0 Authorizations:

A lawyer will always be present to approve the codes of ethics and conduct. After the approval of these regulations, the senior manager of the ABC Company authorizes the application of these codes by the employees. The employees are notified of these rules so that they practice them in the organization. In case of the introduction of new regulations that help save everyone’s rights or maintain and improve the company’s reputation among the clients, the employees are informed (Gilmore & Williams, 2009).






Gilmore, S., & Williams, S. (2009). Human resource management. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Jackson, S. E., Schuler, R. S., Werner, S., & Jackson, S. E. (2009). Managing human resources. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning.

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