Importance of developing a thesis

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Importance of developing a thesis

            A thesis statement shows the main idea or point of the essay. The rest of the essay discusses about this idea by expounding on it. It contains examples, facts and other forms of evidence. For example, a persuasive essay is based on the idea mentioned in the statement thesis. Generally, a thesis statement declares your direction in the essay. A reader will have a clue of the essay if he or she reads the thesis statement. This statement is mainly written as the last point on the introduction paragraph.

Thesis statement eliminates confusion for the reader. A reader will understand the content using the help of the thesis. Lack of a thesis should never be considered creating suspense. It will only make some readers feel bored about the work. Sensitive readers will just cease to read it because it lacks interest. A thesis statement is a good way to identify relevant work. Someone might spend a lot of time looking for a certain essay. An essay with a thesis will assist in searching for that specific essay.

The writer must have a theme or topic to write. The thesis statement enables a writer to remain within the topic. Thesis can be used to create suspense. It enhances the quality of the essay and makes it strong. In a persuasive essay, the thesis statement usually formulates questions, which will drive the reader to read the whole essay. It must be clear for the readers to understand. Failure to this, no suspense will be detected.

A thesis statement is the pillar of a good essay. It gives value to the essay. An essay becomes useful by having a certain principle. Such essays can be used to educate or as source of an argument. If an essay lacks a thesis statement, it is not possible top identify the stand of the writer. Therefore, it would not be possible to understand the stand of the writer. It is important to look for the right words to use for a thesis statement. This is the only way a thesis will be clear.

Readers expect well-organized essay for reading. They are easy to follow and understand. Such essays can easily be achieved by using a thesis statement. The writer will ensure all points are related to the statement. The points will also be organized in a certain order depending on the topic. When points follow in a chronological manner, the essay definitely makes sense. When the readers understand the thesis statement, they wonder why the writer says this. It will lead them to reading the whole essay and their questions are answered.

Many topics are wide and cannot be fully exhausted in one essay. The thesis statement gives the essay its scope. It should not be extreme on either way. This means it should not be extremely wide or too precise. Such an essay uses the instructions of the essay to construct the thesis statement. Argumentative essays use a thesis statement as a fundamental tool. Most of them give points for both opposing and supporting sides then they declare a stand. The thesis statement ensures it is clear on the final stand of the essay

Writers are advised to make a preliminary thesis statement on the draft. It helps to construct the best thesis. After deciding what words to use in the final copy, the statement will be ready to use in the actual essay. A thesis must be concise, since it is the foundation of the essay. It is advisable not to include a thesis statement if it will not be specific. It should have only one major idea. This is why it should have vague language. A general statement will not communicate to the reader, hence, lose it meaning in the essay.

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