Innovation in nursing

Posted: August 6th, 2013

Innovation in Nursing

            Healthcare is extremely important to human beings as it helps them live a long and fruitful life. Innovations in this sector are thus welcome as they help enhance the whole process and improve on hastening the process where a patient gets his or her medication. As the years have gone by, different researchers have looked into areas in which have helped improved the health care systems of many different countries. Researchers at Bayer for instance came up with a way in which they can develop partnerships with academic research institutions and small life science firms. Different researchers can find a laboratory to work in and develop their projects as they have been linked with donors to fund their projects. This was the US Innovation Center in San Francisco’s Mission Bay (Hubbard & Love, 2004). Another development in the healthcare system is whereby customers come up with ways to boost the healthcare providers. This is seen through the customers looking for ways to avoid forgetting to take their medication through setting alarms and putting reminders so that they do not forget to take their medicine. This research of customer-based innovation was carried out by the Agency for Healthcare research and Quality (Harris, 1995).


Both these innovations have helped the healthcare industry a great deal. They have improved patients health as both aim to help the patient boost his or her immune system through drugs. However, both innovations work differently. Whereas research and development aim to improve a patient’s health through better quality drugs, customer-based innovations improve a patient’s health by ensuring that there are measures set for a patient not to forget to take their medication. Another contrast between them is whereby research and development hopes to improve the patient’s health through new drugs, customer based strive to do the same through proper use and taking of the doses of the same drug.

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