Internet Censorship

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Role of Parents and Government in Protecting Children against Inappropriate Online Content

1.0  Abstract

The government and parents have big roles to play in protecting children against inappropriate online content. This research plan attempts to explore these roles extensively to find solutions of controlling the content the children are exposed to in different circumstances. There are myriads of innovations involving information technology, which is included in most school curriculums. Therefore, since they are in constant use of the internet, they are likely to be exposed to explicit sites that can lead to moral decay at early ages. There should be rules and measures to protect them from inappropriate online content so that they can have desirable developments as they mature. The research plan encompasses the methodology, data collection and analysis process and reporting that will be encapsulated in the actual research. It will be based on credibility and realities of the research question.

Concisely, the research plan is comprehensive framework that will give the research process direction and make it successful. It encompasses guidelines on the ways of conducting the actual research.  The research plan has outlined the processes that will be used in data collection, analysis and reporting. Therefore, for quality outcomes, the research plan should be followed carefully. The goal of the research is to determine the roles that the government and parents should play to protect children from in appropriate online content. If the research is successful, the goal will be achieved and the morality of children in the society will be maintained.

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