Interview a CTE instructor

Posted: August 7th, 2013

Interview a CTE instructor




Interview a CTE instructor

At the time of the interview, the instructor was working at the University of Nottingham for a contract that would elapse by 2013. The instructor started by stating that the University of Nottingham has a mission that believes that education can only prosper in an environment where the students are encouraged. The students are also provided with equal opportunities through providing high a quality curriculum, dedicated staff and care. In stating the mission, he added that the university aspired to achieve all the objectives through their belief that education is a partnership between parents, governors and staff who all play a vital part. The parents of the students were cited as taking a central role in all the school’s policies as the school worked closely with them to give the children a quality education. Apart from these main objectives, the University of Nottingham also had other objectives such as refining the course subject matter to include real life skills that prepare students for their careers.

The instructor then responded to questions concerning the variety of courses offered at Nottingham. He answered that some of the courses offered at Beauchamp Middle School include sociology, general science and college planning. The instructor then focused on one particular program – the health sciences course. The instructor defined the course content, the requirement and even touched on the units. Health sciences courses are a unique course that takes up two semesters. The course focused on sports and fitness aspects in the health field. Students were taught about preventing injury, recognizing, and rehabilitating common athletic conditions, anatomical and physiological conditions. Apart from the classes, there are required internship programs that give the students additional information in training rooms, hospitals and physical therapy as well as other specialties such as massage therapy.

At this point, the instructor delved into the details of the units covered within the Health sciences course. He mentioned that there were lower and upper division core units in the course. The lower division units ranged from 45 to 47 depending on the institution that offered the course. Some of the units include ANTH 1000 Introduction to Anthropology, HSC 1000 Introduction to Health Professions Practice, PSYC 1000 General Psychology and HSC 1100 Health: Maintenance of Wellness. The upper division units included ANTH 3720 Medical Anthropology, HSC 3350 Health Legislation and Government Programs, HSC 4010 Research and Program Evaluation in Health Science and HSC 4700 Senior Seminar. Apart from these lower and upper division units, there were other units such as administration and management units and pre-clinical preparation units that were meant to give the student additional skills in the medical field.

More recently, the local school board has reviewed the CTE program and certified it as excellent for students learning process. The instructor reinforced this decision by stating that the CTE program was in line with the school’s vision and mission to achieve success in their children by building a partnership with the staff, parents and governors. CTE programs were comprehensive and all-rounded. The units that were discussed earlier were part of a larger pool of units and courses, tailor-made to teach the children in different middle schools a different education. CTE was offered to these children as a different way of perceiving education. The children studies focused on careers in different industries such as medicine, engineering and law. The board had approved the adoption of the CTE program because the program provided a combination of rigorous instructions, and hands-on coaching that prepares the children for further studies at the college level. The CTE program also introduced students to different varieties of careers at the post-secondary level.

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