Interview With a Native of Your State

Posted: August 7th, 2013














Interview with a Native of Your State










Interview with a Native of Your State

Native Americans from various tribes and cultural groups live in the state of Indiana today. They have vibrant traditions, cultures and languages. A large portion of Native Americans had to relocate during the nineteenth century to another state from Indiana against their will in a process that was known as the Indian Removals. However, some ethnic groups of these Native Americans still reside in the state of Indiana to this day, such as the Wea Indian Tribe (Chicago Publishers, 2010). I met Mr Akima Tandaksa one such native of Indiana, in Miami County. He has been living in Miami County, Indiana. Since1950, when he was born. His parents were also both natives having been among the members of the Shawnee natives.

He gives me a brief introduction into the Indians traditions and culture. They are a cultural, religious community who revere their Creator very highly. He views the area that was once mainly inhabited by Indians, which has a cultural and historical significance. There is still a significant number of Indians, but he worries that the current generation is slowly losing their culture to the changing socio-cultural environment. He recalls of how his parents together with other parents would teach them of their history and traditions. His father especially did not stutter to make him aware of his origin. They would also hold memorials, marches, sacrifices and feasts in order to remember their ancestors. Though a few of the natives have formed organizations and groups to foster their culture, he is of the opinion that more can be done in order to secure their culture and traditions.

The state of Indiana is also a significant tourist site due to its rich history. It has various attractions such as Indiana State Museum (Chicago Publishers, 2010). When I ask him about the influx of tourists and other non-natives, he gladly says. “We are glad you have come to visit us”. He states that the Indians are traditionally hospitable and hold their guests with esteem. They ensure their guests are comfortable.

Similarly, the many tourists that visit the area are familiarized with the Indian culture and the way of life. Some are even encouraged to participate in the activities. Some of these activities include; dancing, wearing of their traditional attire, showing of various Indian historical sites and eating of traditional foods. Some are even taken through the history of the community their crafts, and works of art which are exhibited and sold. However, he is saddened by the lack of awareness by the tourists that whatever they learn is a way of life for them. He therefore, holds that the tourists should not only view it for fun but also a learning experience. He also adds that the tourists have provided for cultural integration among them and people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

It was indeed a learning experience, and I have gathered much insight about the history of the state of Indiana. It has brought to light the fact that this state is rich in culture and tradition and more needs to be unearthed. With the increase in number of people visiting this area, culture is extremely important. It creates and brings together people of diverse backgrounds for socialization. .It has also brought the realization of the importance of individuals to learn the history and culture of various communities. With this knowledge, one is able to have a clear understanding and knowledge of such communities


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