Introduce an English teacher

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Introduce an English teacher

The teacher who had a significant impact on my life as a student was Mrs. Miyumo. She was my English teacher back in high school. Miyumo’s teachings have shaped my character and behavior as a person to this moment. My love for this teachers’ approach made me grasp her lessons and gladly apply them in my life. I credit this teacher for making me develop academically, morally and socially. I considered Mrs. Miyumo as having the greatest impact in my life because of her caring nature, her constant guidance and her ability to use practical examples when teaching us.

Before meeting this teacher in person, I had viewed English topics as boring. This is when was forwarded to her for punishment and where, it all begun. Instead of using the cane on me, as was the culture during my school days, she opted to give me the school rules guide and told me to read it. She then let me off on condition that I should join her class for constant surveillance. At first, I did not like the idea but since it was my punishment, I had to honor it.

The first day in her class was memorable. When she came into the class, I had realized that fellow students stood up while greeting her. It was a sign of respect that immediately made me aware of her popularity amongst her students. Before she could begin the lesson, she pointed at me and ordered me to say a short prayer. I had never done it before but I mumbled a few words to avoid embarrassment and upon completion, she commended me for my effort and told me I could do better. This was new to me as I came from a family where prayer was not a priority. The fact that she saw potential in me to do something better, inspired me since my own parents always viewed me as good for nothing and even told me that to my face. This incident made me strive to please her henceforth, just to get her commends.

As a result, I worked hard on my grades and always read broadly on her subject. This enabled me to confidently participate in her class and get her attention, which was my goal. She believed in me and this was evident because she frequently chose me to participate in academic symposiums. This went a long way in boosting my academic performance, as I had now become a bookworm, constantly reading deep to stay ahead of her class and become her favorite. My self-esteem had also received a major boost thanks to her habit of using me as a reference point for positive change.

Thankfully, my road to success was as result of Mrs. Miyumo’s counseling sessions. The teacher had made a constant follow up on school activities. Whenever she noted a deviation in my academic performance, she would summon and counsel me on any issues affecting me that I opted to open up to her. She had become a motherly figure to me and I strived to achieve targets she set for me, even though I previously did not believe I could attain them. Whenever I lacked an academic requirement in school and told her about it, she always provided it for me thus making my life in school smooth.

Notably, this teacher helped me grow into a socially acceptable person. She had used real life examples in order to drive her points through. The teachings were easy to relate with thus making application of there morals easier in real life situations. She had always condemned misbehavior and stressed on the need to do good to others in the society. This made me develop principals on how I relate to others in the society in a positive manner.

Finally, my life has been shaped by the teacher I met in high school. The importance of a teacher in a student’s life is unquestionable. Teacher student relationship should thus be encouraged for it helped me transform my life. When I met Mrs. Miyumo, I was on the wrong side of the school rules but through her worthy mentorship, I developed academically, morally and socially. I refer to her as my favorite teacher since am grateful for the direction she gave my life.



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