Introductory Paragraph

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Introductory Paragraph




Introductory Paragraph

First impression is of key importance to any individual, be it while going for an interview, or meeting a new person for the first time. Similarly, in writing the first impression is created with the introductory paragraph it plays a crucial role in the reader’s vivid understanding of the work. It therefore, sets the basis for the whole paper. It should interest and capture the reader’s undivided attention. The most crucial element in any written information is the introductory paragraph

The introductory paragraph provides a key guideline into the whole essay and provides for the explanation outline for the entire essay. Below is a brief coverage of the explanation outline

Explanation outline

    • Topic (title) of the essay. This covers the boundaries of the topic, also the relevance of the topic and why it is interesting.
    • The structure of the Essay. This covers the essay’s main queries and the structural principle; it also covers how the author plans to draw meaningful conclusions.
    • Thesis Statement. This is usually a single sentence. This proceeds to cover the consequence of the first claim. It also provides the general information about the information available.

The introductory paragraph sets out to provide a clear guideline into the whole essay. Therefore, the author must device ways in order to create clear perceptions by the reader. Certain attributes influence perception, such as physical characteristics, ability, age, and height, and personality traits. Perception is also affected by the cultural modes of interaction. The writer therefore, has to define emotion. The emotions may include those of anger, fear, passion, love, hate, compassion and frustration.

The process of forming perceptions is crucial, as people use personal experience,   stereotypes and prototypes to define what they see and organize them in a manageable way for effective communication (Dobkin, 2006). According to Dobkin, there are three steps in the process of forming perceptions: selecting, organizing, and separate organizing. Therefore, one must consider which of these processes has influenced the observer’s choice of words. In addition, questions are asked, and considerations are made, for example, why one considers writing about a certain individual. About or which elements of this process might have influenced the observers choice of words the most? When these queries are made, it becomes easy to shape perceptions.

Creative thinking usually occurs when people shift their perceptions, adopt new ways to perceive people and events and develop new constructs, (Dobkin, 2006). Perspective taking helps us understand and see things in new ways. With clear perceptions created in the introductory paragraph, the writer is thus able to set a clear precedence of what the essay entails. Perceptions form the foundation of interpretations about others, and we communicate based on those interpretations. The structure the essay therefore, sets out to expound further on the introduction and continually shapes these perceptions.

The introductory paragraph also establishes a rapport with the reader. This is done by showing that the writer is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and mindful of people’s best interest. The writer establishes this by using quotations, asking questions and using the tool of reasoning. Some writers also succeed by using humor. The true mastery of essay writing is clearly defined by a writer’s ability to captivate and engross the reader. Therefore, writers should pay keen attention to their introduction in order to achieve this.












 Dobkin, A (2006) Communication in a Changing World 2nd Second edition:  New York McGraw Hill


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