Is critical thinking important for studying in Australian Universities?

Posted: September 5th, 2013





Is critical thinking important for studying in Australian Universities?

Every university uses critical thinking as a study method. Australian universities are increasingly using this trend as it forms the basis of their academic systems. Many international students are opting to pursue their university studies in Australian universities. The process of critical thinking lets learners acquire knowledge through solving problems and cooperation. A critical thinker is one who possesses the skills of creative thinking and application of the gained knowledge to real-world situations, problem solving through synthesization, analyzing, making judgments and evaluating.

Through critical thinking, students are able to evaluate new ideas and modifying them to best suit their application needs. In universities, students are encouraged to give their own ideas and argue the teacher’s opinions. They are encouraged to come up with their own analyses and ways of solving problems. This makes them more of critical thinkers in their areas of study. Critical thinking also trains students’ brains and minds to think outside the box. It can therefore be helpful in areas of technological development research, as this field requires different and fresh ideas for innovations, which in turn make our lives better.

Critical thinking enhances teamwork among students. There are always cases of squabbles in discussion groups or teams. These quarrels are sometimes caused by disregard for other people’s ideas and opinions amongst the group members. The quarrels have negative effects on student relationships, and most of the students usually choose to disown the group. However, critical thinkers are able to listen to the arguments and points of the others in the group and accept their mistakes, if any. This reduces friction and provides for effective and efficient teamwork.

When students are planning their studies, it is important that they do it in a critical thinking way. Their studies are count in their academic achievements in university especially if they want good results. Students seldom realize their own mistakes; critical thinking helps them know their strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, making their study plans will be more effective as they will be able to discard their weaknesses and concentrate on their strengths. This shows how important critical thinking is as an element of study planning.

Critical thinkers in university are considered independent learners. This means they are able to take responsibility for their own learning and do not need to be told what to do, as is the case with dependent learners. Independent learners never blame the system when things go wrong, instead they will only ask for help if they need it. Independent learners are those that have extra time for further studies, conduct research and analysis. This is opposed to dependent learners who know that the learning process only takes place in the classroom.

In conclusion, education in universities leans more towards research than lectures. There are certain research areas that require special attention. Students can use critical thinking as a means of better understanding the content in such researches. Human perspectives on things has always been known to be constricted and inadequate which may result in bias. This can also reduce the students’ interest in the research. It is therefore obligatory for students to use critical thinking to consider the different features of the research, which will make their conclusions relatively accurate and increase their passion for learning. Critical thinking is therefore important for studying in Australian universities.

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