Itinerarie for 5 days

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Itinerarie for 5 days in Wadden Sea

Day 1:

Mudflat walking across the Wadden Sea is one of the most exciting activities because of the thrill of exploration. It is essential to carry out the hiking activity very early in the morning before the summer weather becomes severe or very hot (Wilhelmshaven CWSS, 2010).


Lunch hour prepared from seafood to enable the guest taste delights of Netherlands sea food.


The guests indulge in swimming as they wash off the mud acquired form mud walking on the shores of the sea.


The guests are allowed to head back to their residences as they prepare for the next day events. They can also indulge in parties, which are meant to welcome them to this venue.


Storytellings by the guides about the history of the Wadden Sea as guests become acquainted with each other.




We head out for the sea on foot as we look at the historical surroundings and the reclamation efforts by the historic societies of the Wadden Sea.



Snorkeling is the main activity for people to experience the seabed in the presence of sea water before the tide falls. This will also be improved by the presence of sea creatures as people witness the different sea animals, which hibernate during low tide in the sandy beaches (Common Wadden Sea Secretariat, 1994).


Beaches and Swimming is fun activity, which is equally important for good health. This activity is aimed at enabling individual to interact and relax due to their hard work from the hike the previous day. In addition, being the last day at this venue it would be important to hold a fun filled activity.

Party with the new group to allow for bonding with the new friends.

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