Posted: August 5th, 2013



Advancement in technology and science is perceived to be a progressive endeavor to the humans as it has been consistently growing over the years with the growth and advancement of the human society gaining momentum and growing at a faster rate with every period as perceived using the sigmoid curve. This is indeed true as the ā€˜sā€™ curve depicts the path followed by the process of technological advancement indicating the slow pace at which it begun where new discoveries were made in science, either accidental, experimental or through research, and the acceleration in the progress made by the advancement in science and technology over the years.


In the initial industrialization stage, the first society to go against mechanization was the Luddites who were against mechanization in textile fields. They would protest and went to the extent of destroying the mechanized looms that replaced the workers in the industries creating joblessness and a lack of income, leading to a change in their way of life. The Neo-Luddites are the modern version of the Luddites. They do not fully oppose technology but insist on the controlled introduction of technology and the importance of understanding the technology before introduction to ensure it does not bring about negative results on humanity. The fears of the anti-technologists are rational as technology if not controlled can lead to joblessness of humans hence changing the social setting of humanity. Sinister technology if not checked can lead to harm especially in times of misunderstanding or war hence technological advancement should be regulated to prevent it harming human existence or rendering them purposeless.

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