Jean Piaget theory on child development

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Jean Piaget theory on child development

Piaget was a psychologist who developed interest in children’s intellect. He worked with Alfred Binet and later came up with a theory on cognitive development of children. This theory explains cognitive child development. This type of development entails changes in cognition processes and capabilities. According to this theorist’s view, early development in cognition includes processes founded on actions. Later on, it advances to changes in mental activities. Piaget states that adults are not intelligent than children. The difference is children have a different way of thinking.

This observation amazed Albert Einstein because people would not see its simplicity. Piaget came up with some concepts of this theory. Some of them are schemas, which is the description of mental and physical activities included in knowledge and understanding. The schema contains knowledge and its method of acquisition. When children encounter experiences, the new knowledge is added, or schemas change. For instance, if a child only sees a kitten he or she will tend to think all cats resemble that kitten. After he or she sees a cat, her perception will change.


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