Jesus and Mohammed Paper

Posted: November 29th, 2013

Jesus and Mohammed Paper







Jesus and Mohammed Paper

Muhammad and Jesus are considered as equally great in their individual religions. Both are considered as the bridge between man and God and receipt of the teachings of God. In Christianity Jesus is considered as the Son of God for he was given unto the world by God to save man from his sins. On the other hand Prophet Muhammad also known in Islam as Abū al-Qāsim Muhammad ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hāshim is considered as the sole largest figure in Islam as he unified the Arabian countries into a single religious polity, Islam. Muhammad is considered as God’s Messenger and the last prophet sent by God according to Islam to save humankind. In addition, Islam considers that the messages given by God through Prophet Muhammad are solely the only teachings meant for restoration of the faith identical to the one spread and practiced by Moses, Adam, Noah, Jesus and other religious Prophets. In essence, both individuals are equally responsible for the growth of the two largest faiths in the world (Religion, 2012).

Jesus was born in the city of Bethlehem of Judea, which was the city of David. He is sufficiently described within the Canonical Books of the New Testament in the Bible. He was born of a virgin, Mary with the ability of the Holy Spirit (Religion, 2012). This began with the message from Angle Gabriel from God informing Mary that she was the chosen carrier of the Son of God. Mary and Joseph were forced out of their homes in Nazareth by an order of Caesar Augustus and left for Bethlehem, which was Joseph’s ancestral home, and the City of David. After their arrival in Bethlehem, Jesus was born in a manger, as there were no rooms available for them within the town (Religion, 2012).

During the night of Jesus birth, shepherds who were traveling heard of Jesus’ birth as this was communicated by an angel and through a bright star, which led them to the manger in which Jesus was born. In addition, these wise men brought with them expensive gifts meant for Jesus. In infancy, Jesus and his family fled to Egypt to escape the wrath of a rage-bound King Herod. However, he later grew up in his hometown of Nazareth. I his later years he grew up as very intelligent individual. During a visit with parents Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem on Passover was left behind for three days but was later found discussing with the wise teachers who were well over his tender age of twelve. Within the temple, he taught these old men of numerous teachings which astounded many and attracted many earning him a name within this group of wise men.

Before his death, Jesus predicted of his betrayal by one of his disciples. This was foretold in the last supper before he proceeded to the Garden of Gethsemane for prayer. In the prayer, Jesus used bread and wine to signify his body and blood. This forms part of what is known as the Holy Communion, which is aimed at reunification of man with God through the body and blood of Christ (Religion, 2012).

Later in his life before the inception of the gospel ministry, Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist that formed the baptismal ritual within Christianity in an effort to copy the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus was later crucified at Golgotha from the demands of the people for claims of being the “King of the Jews”. Pilate relented to the demands of the people and Jesus was crucified with inscriptions of “king of the Jews on his head. His death marked the new spread of the gospel via his disciples as he promised during his last supper with his disciples (Religion, 2012). His teaching of forgiveness and seeking purity form part of the most solid teachings of Christ. In the modern world filled with inequity, man seeks forgiveness through the church or the body of Christ. In addition, it is also paramount to forgive others if we are to attain equal measure of forgiveness from God fro our sins.

Prophet Muhammad is claimed to have received the teachings from God via the angel Gabriel. Muhammad was born in Arabia in the city of Mecca but was later orphaned and grew up under the care of his uncle Abu Talib. He later became a merchant after he married a daughter of wealthy merchant who was older than he was. Muhammad at the age of thirty was involved in settling of the Black Stone in the Kaaba after the Kaaba was undergoing some renovations. Two clans involved were arguing who would settle the black stone in the right place. The two agreed to allow the next man entering the Kaaba to settle the stone, who was eventually Muhammad. Muhammad successfully facilitated this process enabling settling of a religious dispute (The Religion of Peace, 2012).

In his life and marriage, Muhammad resorted to seclusion within the caves in the mountains where he later had an encounter with the Angel Gabriel during one of his meditations alone in the caves within the mountains. In his initial encounters, the angle instructed him to spread the name of God and preach monotheism. The Quran considers that one of the main tasks of Muhammad is to caution the unbelievers of their imminent eschatological punishment. He also adds that relinquishing the evil ways is bound to reap rewards for those who seek righteous way and abandon the wretched path of evil. In essence, the teachings of Muhammad are bent of spreading the presence of only one God or Allah. Hence, he preaches monotheism (Rizvi, 2012).

During the preaching of the teachings narrated to him by the angle, people opposed him and mocked him on claims that he was deluded and crazy. Protests against his teachings were initiated by his call to abandon idol worship and worship of Allah. Hence, it was a fight against polytheism. He was at times bribed with money, valuables and acceptance within the realm of the rich merchants but declined. He migrated to Medina due to the numerous death threats he received from opposing clans on his teachings. This led to the battle for Mecca with support from Medina and its tribes who were also exiled in the city of Medina.

After the end of the migration to Medina, Muhammad taught his followers of the great pilgrimage or Hajj. During this event, he taught of the presence of equality among all either Arab, non-Arab, Black and White. All what mattered according to him was the presence of piety and good conduct to attract Allah’s favor and mercies. He later died after the Great Pilgrimage to Mecca. Muhammad managed to preach unity in Islam and among all Muslims, which is visible in the modern world. He is honored for his great influence on Arabia and his teachings are executed within all Muslim countries and with specific reference to all mosques.

In addition, his initial holy journey to Mecca or Hajj is essentially the largest practice embedded within the Islamic religion (The Religion of Peace, 2012). His presence is respected in his tomb in Medina, Saudi Arabia where he died. This site is considered as a sacred site and is surrounded by great mosques and architecture. His messages are carried out in the Quran, which has retained its initial message sine its inception. This is an indication of the gravity to which Muslims refer to their faith. The respect for Islam was first initiated by the Prophet Muhammad, which continues into the modern world. In essence, the different people have various interpretations for their religion (Rizvi, 2012).

In conclusion, both Christianity and Islam have undergone varying degrees of changes due to the aspect of modernization. However, they both retain their initial teachings, which are identical in that they focus on advocating for monotheism and reject polytheism. Jesus and Muhammad are equally relevant in their respective religions for instilling conduct within those specific religions. Hence, they could be both termed as revolutionary in their faiths as they transformed how Christianity and Islam conduct itself respectively.


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