Jo-Ann Pilardi, “The Immigration Problem Is About Us, Not Them”

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Jo-Ann Pilardi, “The Immigration Problem Is About Us, Not Them”

            1. This reading reflects on the unfair treatment of immigrants who are important in the provision of labor in the country. The author through this work of writing has addressed the plight of the immigrants and the way they are treated by the Native American citizens and the government of America. Her work has provided important information that the ordinary citizens may not have known. The perspective with which she has written the book is also different and this stimulates the reader to consider the matter differently. By writing such a book, the author seeks to convert the way the American citizens see the subject of immigrants. Through the book, she also wanted to change the conditions the immigrants live in and the way they are treated as well. In addition to this, she has also highlighted how important these immigrants are to both the citizens themselves and the economy of the country. The author through her work has highlighted several matters that pertain to the issue of immigration that are ordinarily ignored.

2. The main argument the author makes in this book is that the immigrants should not be held responsible entirely; their employers should also shoulder some of the responsibility. She refers to the employers as Illegal Native Employers (INE) because the employers know that they are undocumented immigrants but they still employ them. This is, therefore, in complete contradiction of the American laws relating to immigrants. However, the immigrant workers are the only ones who take responsibility ye the employers keep doing the same thing repeatedly. The author argues that the employers should also be answerable for this immigration problem since they play a big role in the immigration situation.

3. The persona the author has used in this book is effective in the delivery of the message she intends to shed light on. The tone the author has used in this work describes her attitude mood and voice towards the matter of immigrants. Detectable tones used in this book include outrage, cynicism and anger to the employers and sympathy to the affected immigrants. The use of these tones is evidenced by the choice of words that the author uses to describe certain people or situations. Particularly, in this book, the words used to describe depict the cynicism and anger the author has towards the employers who employ immigrants. The author has a right to use these tones since it is her personal opinion and it is not biased, it is plain truth. By the use of such tones shows the point of view she is adopting in relation to this matter. Her tone enables the writer to identify her feelings towards the subject matter in question.

4. The audience the author is addressing in this book is the general American population. This is because she has used several examples that relate to American citizens. The information in her work is also based on the happenings in America. Her book focuses on how the immigrants ate discriminated against by the citizens and their employers who are American. From the several examples in her text, the author seeks to address the American citizens through this book especially those who directly relate with the immigrants.

5. I like the reading very much since I agree wit the author’s point of view. I think the book is outstanding since it required a lot of courage from the author to write it. In addition to this, her perspective regarding the matter is also new and different and this endeared me to her work. Another reason I liked this reading because her book has highlights the truth that most people seek to cover up. This is a remarkable work of literature since it highlights such matters that affect the immigrants yet are not considered by the government especially.

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