Journal one

Posted: October 17th, 2013


Journal one








Journal one

            I think art is the use of the human creative skills and imagination that enable expression. These creative skills may be achieved by painting or sculpting. Art has exceptional beauty and emotional power that is always appreciated. I believe that art has the power of opening a person’s mind and widening their imagination. This always allows the person to have fascinating thoughts that enable reading deeply in to another person’s art. Art enables a person to see things in many angles. In addition, it also enables creativity. A viewer of another person’s art can notice the minor details of the artist’s work. Therefore, I believe that art can express fantasy and enable the viewer to feel the artist’s expression.

In my opinion, art has deep beauty. It creates and expands people’s imagination and the critical thinking skills. It also improves the cognitive and a person’s creativity. From observations, this mostly applies to the small children. Because of this, it is wise for parents to allow their children to attend the art classes. This enables the children to think profoundly. In addition to this, the children are able to have a successful performance in their education. I like the way art makes people feel deeply about something. Most of the artists use art to express their feelings. The viewers get to feel the artist’s feelings deeply and understand what the art pieces mean. Example, a person who has just recovered from being an alcoholic can make a piece of art by using the pieces of the bottle of the last alcoholic drink he took.

This piece of art will mean something to the viewers and it will express the artist’s feelings. It is interesting how artists can express a lot by using just one piece of art. They do not have to put their feelings in words in order for them to gain the viewer’s understanding. However, I believe the viewers have to be able to view the art in different angles and possess excellent imagination for them to understand art. Therefore, I agree that art can communicate people’s experiences, reflect the social cultural context, beliefs and satisfy the emotional and the psychological needs. Art is universal since people worldwide communicate by the use of art.

Art is closely related to religion. This is evident in the paintings of the religious figures placed in the churches. Example, the artwork of a woman being hugged by an innocent child symbolizes Jesus and Mary. On the other hand, the artwork of the last supper relates to the breaking of the bread and the drinking of the wine, which is always practiced in the catholic churches. A line is one of the most important art elements. I agree that it is the most complex and easiest factors in art. The artist can use the line drawing as a final work in the art to bring out either the interior or the exterior of the art piece. The different types of line in art are the contour, actual and the implied line. The contour line brings out the outline of the art. On the other hand, the actual line is not always visible while the implied line is created by placing the basics in the work of art in a linear pattern. Therefore, everything has art in it. It only takes imagination and fantasy to realize this.


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