Journal Two

Posted: November 30th, 2013

Journal Two






Journal Two

            Man, since the beginning of time, has always felt the need to recreate or add to what constitutes his environment. Art has been able to satisfy this need and men have recreated the world and portrayed it, as they perceive it in wondrous ways. Painting, pottery, sculpting and drawing, are all forms of visual art that satisfy an artists desire to recreate the world around him. These art forms employ the use of lines that culminate into shapes and shapes form dimensions that generate the illusion of volume and mass. Unlike painting and drawing, sculpting and pottery have actual volume and mass though the concept of using lines to form shapes is similar in all.

The function of lines is to draw an outline that forms shapes. The subsequent forms create depth and texture. The texture is achieved through hatching. Hatching is the use of fine, parallel lines drawn closely together to create the illusion of shade in a drawing. Hatching is usually used during sketching. Lines have various implications. For example, the horizontal line denotes stability. A bottle drawing must have a base that is drawn horizontally. A vertical line means gravity or assertiveness, and finally a diagonal line suggests movement and directionality in a drawing. These lines are essential in a making any basic shapes during drawing.

A shape in art is referred to as the area within a composition that has boundaries. These boundaries are determined by other elements of art such as lines and color. The amount of space that a work covers is the volume. Anything that has volume then has mass. Mass refers to the actual density of an object. Anything that has mass therefore must occupy a three-dimensional space whose volume and weight can be measured. Drawings create the illusion of an object having volume and an implied mass thereof.

There are three types of shapes: Geometric shapes, biomorphic shapes and organic shapes. Geometric shapes have clear defined outlines and edges when one uses a tool to draw them. Organic shapes are natural. They have less well-defined borders and boundaries. A cloud or the shape of a cell can be termed as being organically shaped. Biomorphic shapes, on the other hand, refer to the shapes drawn in free form. These forms are independent of any geometric depiction giving those unique beautiful forms resembling living organisms. For a work of art to be appealing, the intricate design in shape is vital

Color in a work of art qualifies it to the realm of reality or at least close to reality. Hue is a term use to refer to all the classification of colors; that is, primary colors, secondary colors and tertiary colors. Different shades and tints of a color can arise from saturated form hue. Saturation is the pureness of a color. The different shades arising from pure forms depend on the amount of black added to hue, and tints will depend on the amount of white added to hue, such that we can have light green or dark green. Primary colors are those that cannot be derived from the mixing of colors, and they include red, blue and green. Secondary colors are created from mixing two primary colors, and tertiary colors are created from mixing the equal parts of a primary and secondary colors, closest to each other. Mixing light refers to combining all the three primaries whose theoretical result would be white light. This is referred to as additive color mixture. Conversely, subtractive mixture assumes all colors are derived from the primaries. If all the derivative colors are to be combined, the resulting color will be black. This is what is considered subtractive color.

The effect of color in a painting brings about texture. Texture is a word coined from Latin to mean, “Weaving”. It is used to depict surface character of something through touch. In a canvassed painting, a thick layer of painting called Impasto is formed. Painting creates a texture gradient, where objects are distorted in size where closer objects in a painting have been compared with objects further. A work of art in the end is a combination of lines, shapes, and color in an attempt to depict reality.

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