Justification or Recommendation Report for an Email Policy

Posted: September 3rd, 2013

Date:                 9/3/2013

To:                    First Last, Ph. D

From                 First Last                      XXX

Subject:              Proposal to write an E-mail Policy and Recommend the best Computer Monitoring and Surveillance Software



Background rewrite


As the Information Assurance Manager, I have noticed an increase in trouble tickets regarding computer viruses and email spam.  Our network has been inundated with network traffic from websites that are not work related such as instant messaging, online dating, shopping, and gaming sites.


As one of my team members went to address a trouble ticket, he noticed another computer with what looked like pornography on the screen.


The computer tech and network team have come to me for guidance on how to stop such activity as it has caused our regular services to slow or even come to a screeching halt.  All IT teams are spending an enormous amount of time rebuilding workers computers and servers rather than optimizing our existing computer services for the business of the company.


With the increased workload on al It teams fixing problems that stem from non work related activities, we have not been able to perform other requirements and I am sure the entire workforce’s productivity is declining as the amount of none work related activities are increasing weekly.


It is just a matter of time before our network is completed destroyed due to the activity.


You are convinced that management should establish an e-mail policy.


Problem rewrite


What organizational problem exists?  What is wrong? Why does it need to be solved?  Is there a history or background that is relevant?


At present, no e-mail policy exists, and you are convinced that the executive council is not fully aware of the dangers of failing to provide a comprehensive company policy dictating the uses and abuses of e-mail and online resources. You decide to write a justification/recommendation report.


It has been noted that some of the employees are misusing the e-mail services available through the company computer and internet facilities. Employees have been caught sending private messages, playing computer games, shopping online, displaying pornographic pictures and videos amongst other abuses. This strains the facilities and affects the employees’ output.


Porno surfing and displaying porno pictures can expose the company to sexually harassment charges.


The policies to be implemented will bring forth efficiency in workers, computer cost reduction, increased productivity and effectiveness.


Feasibility develop


Are you sure a solution can be found in time available? How do you know?


Audience develop


Who in your organization would have the power to implement your recommendation?  What secondary audiences, might be asked to evaluate your report?  What audiences would be affected by your recommendation? Will anyone in the organization serve as a gatekeeper, determining whether your report is sent to decision makers? What watchdog audiences might read the report?

  • What is the audience’s major concern or priority?  What “hot buttons” must you address with care?


Although workplace privacy is a hot-button issue for unions and employee-rights groups alike, employers have legitimate reasons for wanting to know how employees are using company computing resources. Moreover, a high percentage of lawsuits involve the use and abuse of e-mail.

Your final report should address your company’s executives, provide a recommendation
or series of recommendations and should draw from your research and discussion.

Your company’s executive council is generally receptive to sound suggestions, especially if they are potentially inexpensive.


Topics to Investigate develop


List the questions and sub questions you will answer in your report, the topics or concepts you will explain, the aspects of the problem you will discuss


I plan to discuss in detail: (some options below)


  1. Web surfing, porno, gaming,
  2. Private email
  3. Instant messaging
  4. # of IT hours spent to clean up
  5. # and rate of viruses
  6. Denial of services
  7. Computer hard drive replacement costs
  8. Purchasing more bandwidth from ISP due to miss use of current network resources
  9. Look for examples of companies struggling with lawsuits over email abuse. In your report,
  10. consider whether you should
    (1) describe suitable e-mail policies at other companies,
    (2) recommend computer monitoring and surveillance software,
    (3) create a policy to cover cell phones, wireless pagers, and instant messaging.




A select committee of five, one from each stakeholder’s group will carry out an investigation where they will use data gathered, amongst other techniques to investigate the policies.


The following article and websites appear useful (keep):


Site websites to back up info gathered to answer questions and information about which firms use email policies





I am qualified to conduct the study as an Information Assurance Engineer. I will consult other IT groups, law department, HR, quotes from vendors.


Work schedule


Activity Total Time Completion Date
Gathering information Three weeks By the end of the first week of March, 2012
Analyzing information Three days Second week of March
Organizing information Three days Second Week of March
Preparing the progress report Two days Third Week of March
Writing the draft Two days Third Week of March
Revising the draft/visuals One day Fourth Week of March
Editing the draft One day Fourth Week of March
Proofreading the report One day Fourth Week of March
Preparing Power Point slides One day Fourth Week of March


Call to Action


Indicate that you’d welcome any suggestions your instructor (main stakeholder) may have for improving the research plan.



Works cited

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