Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective at LACMA

Posted: December 2nd, 2013





Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective at LACMA

Sculptor Ken Price has been regarded as one of the most talented sculptors of his time due to his focus on color and detail in his artwork. Ken Price was born in the year 1935 in the city of Los Angles, California. For the better part of his life, he was influential in the world of art due to the intrinsic designs and colors used in his artwork. It is widely known in the art world that his artwork on sculptures has been influential in the redefining of contemporary sculptures and the entire practice. Ken Price is considered as a revolutionary because of his famed artwork as evidenced by the numerous sculptures under his name.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) focuses on an exhibition titled Ken Price Sculpture: A Retrospective, which displays much of the works developed by Ken Price such as the ovoid sculptures and molten slumps which are an express indication of the change of view of art (Pavillion, 11). Ken Price provides the new forms of sculptures in the contemporary American society. The exhibition provides that Ken Price was deeply immersed in art, which was a passion as well as his life. He focused on ensuring that he provided the world with the bets of his talents and skills (Knight, 17).

His art forms are unique and are un-associable with other sculpture forms because of their exquisite forms. Majority of his artworks are either made from metal or clay or painted with colors, which indicate the sculptor’s deep intentions and emotions. These forms of art are expressly based on the contemporary world because of the changes in values and beliefs. Price was a ceramist, which explains his profound capabilities to mould clay and develop some of the most fascinating art forms in the contemporary art world (Knight, 23).

Zizi is considered as one his best artworks before his demise early in February of 2012. This sculpture is considered as an indication of his sincerity towards portraying art in raw or original form. His art such as in Zizi is an express indication of his connection to austerity minimalism, whereby he ensured that he did not waste any possible curves avid the use of color to liven up his sculptures. In addition, works such as Zizi could be defined as postmodernist because of their contemporary associations or traits. In addition, the sculpture indicates the presence of intrigues in the disguised continuities (Pavillion, 24).

His 2011 display of Zizi was remarkable as it opened up his artwork to new parts of the world. Thus, Zizi could be described as an avenue for highlighting the changes in the world as evidenced by its contemporary shape and the lack of discontinuities. Its rich color is an express indication of the appreciation harbored by Ken Price on color and richness. In addition, it could also be an indication of the sculptor’s deep thoughts and values towards his work and other art forms. Zizi is essentially an enchanting piece in that it portrays the presence of value of sexuality luxury and appreciation of finer things in the society (Knight, 27).

Conclusively, Zizi was the closure of the artist’s final work and expressly indicated his value for life. The rich color used in all of his artistic works is an indication of the appreciation for life by the artist. He views life in a different perspective; as bright and full of numerous possibilities despite the presence of numerous curves to achieve individual goals and needs. Diversity is an aspect, which is emphasized by artist’s works such as Zizi (Pavillion, 31). This is because Price sought to actualize his love for contemporary things and artwork using new approaches such as the deep colors, and the intricate sculptures with the various different features such as the presence of numerous curves. As a ceramist, he portrayed his ability to use clay to bring out his love for art and his individual values in terms of the views he had for life and his passion for new things in the world.





Diagram: Zizi by Ken Price (Pavillion, 21: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)



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