Kentucky Fried Chicken

Posted: November 27th, 2013

Kentucky Fried Chicken

1)      What are the three main reasons for KFC’s success in the rapidly changing market environment?

  • Spontaneous marketing knowledge placed KFC in a position of success in the food industry. They have a deep and broad understanding of the marketing environment that helped them to apply knowledge on marketing of their products. The marketing knowledge enabled them to get more customers thus led to increased profits (Liu, 2008).
  • Product localization is another successful formula that KFC adopted. Instinct localization of products especially introduction of new products in the local market more frequently than their competitors led to the success of the industry. In addition, it has chicken as their main product offering in an ordinary way that fits this situation very well.
  • Implementation methods that not only were sound but also the flexibility to transform the trend according to the new governmental policies and opportunities led to its success. The implementation method covered all areas including product implementation, change of people’s perceptions, organizations and development methods that were directed towards the industry.

2) What was KFCs strategy to adapt to the local market? Name three of them

Competition in the local market is a marketing strategy that KFC adopted. They have worked extremely in order to invent new products in the local market that fits the Chinese consumers. They aimed to meet consumer’s taste preference and this allowed them to compete with their competitors hence became successful. The introduction of local recipes such as Chinese porridge, spiced dice chicken and Chinese dough fritters led to increased consumption hence their competitors could not defeat them.

Leadership team is another strategy that KFC had to adapt to the local market. It is the creation of the Taiwan Gang that hailed from Taiwan was vital in supplementing the secret recipe to the industry. The pioneering team members who accumulated many fast food industries had experience that KFC industry adopted. The strategy of creating leadership teams enabled KFC to work together in decision formulation hence they achieved their goals successfully.

Dependent strategies in the market economy such as geographical location of the restaurant made them to get many customers. The buildings were well positioned and easily accessed by customers at various strategic points. Consumers were given healthy Chinese local food that was natural (Liu, 2008). These strategies worked well and they rapidly and continuously led to change of business environment.

3) Name four of their highly localized menu

  • Beijing chicken rolls: a type of recipe that is served with scallion and seafood sauce.
  • Spicy diced chicken: another food that resembles a popular Sichuan-style dish, which they serve their customers.
  • Chinese porridge or congee: a highly localized food served for breakfast in the morning.
  • Tiao or Chinese dough fritters: the latest and highly localized food introduced in the industry.

4) Name three of KFCs competitors

  • McDonald is the major competitor of KFC.
  • Another one is Pizza Hut Express.
  • The last one is Zhen Gongfu or Real Kung-fu.






















Liu, K.W. (2008). KFC in China: secret recipe for success. Louisville, KY: John Wiley & Sons


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