Key Factors in the Development of Bilingualism

Posted: September 5th, 2013

Key Factors in the Development of Bilingualism






Mission Statement Evaluation Paper

            Coca Cola is a multinational corporation dealing with beverage products. It is one of the largest companies in the world. This corporation has become successful because it is strategic. The corporation has formulated a mission and vision statement. These statements guide the corporation members of the corporation to achieve their goals and objectives. Formulating the mission and vision statement enables a company to focus on the present and future performance too. It comprehends the forces and emerging trends, which determine the shape of the company (2004).

Coca Cola’s mission statement states the company intends to refresh people’s body, mind and soul all over the world. It intends to inspire optimism through its products and actions. It also wants to have value and create a positive difference in everything it does. The vision statement states the corporation aims at maximizing returns as it maintains responsibility and creating a good working environment for the employees. The corporation focuses on providing a wide range of beverages for satisfaction. It is working to achieve loyalty from its partners and effective in its production (Bell, 2004).

The mission statement was created by collaboration. Representatives of employees and managers came together and formed the mission statement. An effective mission statement can never be formulated by one individual. The mission of this corporation was deliberated by several stakeholders and later they come up with the appropriate words for the mission statement. The words chosen by Coca Cola have addressed all the stakeholders of the corporation. It explains how it intends to relate with every type of stakeholder (Carter and Roebuck, 2006).

Coca Cola’s mission statement is easy to comprehend. The words are simple and the sentences are brief. Employees and other members can easily remember the statement and the management do not have to spend time to elaborate it. Difficult and long phrases confuse the readers and they find it hard to understand. Even if such a statement is expounded to the stakeholders, they are bound to forget. Some companies maintain their mission statement for many years. It should be simple and self-explanatory for even the sake of the new entrants (Jones, 2002).

The corporation’s mission statement should dictate the conduct and behavior of the employees and other stakeholders. Coca cola‘s employees are disciplined and focus on achieving the goals of the corporation. This is because they adhere to the mission statement. The corporation has attracted investors and other shareholders because it works on maximizing returns for the shareholders. This is an example of how the mission statement has shaped the behavior of employees and other members of the corporation (Carter and Roebuck, 2006).

Coca cola’s mission statement follows the criteria of being feasible. A mission statement should target higher standards but they should be achievable. It should be logic and obviously related to the operations of the business or company. Coca Cola has worked hard to achieve its mission by having a broad range of beverages. It is also expanding it customer base to continue maximizing returns. This is an indication that Coca cola’s mission statement is feasible and applicable to the corporation. The corporation is working to maintain high standards even in future.

The example of Coca cola’s mission statement depicts motivation for stakeholders like employees. It states an intention of inspiring optimism through actions and the products (Bell, 2004). The corporation intends to create a suitable working environment for employees. The corporation has ensured the entire production sites worldwide meet requirements for safe and comfortable conditions for workers. The employees give a high output because of this motivation. The same criteria should be applied by other companies for better results from their employees. It is most important for entities dealing with customers directly. They need to motivate them so as they serve customers satisfactorily (Carter and Roebuck, 2006).

Another important criterion of a mission statement is indicating significant strategies for the company. The strategies, which the company intends to adopt, should be outlined in the mission statement. It will always be reminding the stakeholders the strategies they are using in their operations. Coca cola has outlined its strategies in the mission statement. When they are implemented, they bring progress to the corporation. The importance of having strategies in the mission statement is evaluating them regularly. The management will compare the strategies and their achievement and revise if need arises (Jones, 2002).

The vision statement from Coca Cola Corporation is describes clearly what the corporation intends to achieve and in all sectors it is involved. It is important for company and businesses to mention all areas in their vision statement. This is to ensure all stakeholders feel they are part of the organization future as well as present. There are some companies with too short vision statements. They tend to leave important points of what they are presently working to achieve in future. A vision statement should also be easy to understand and precise.

The vision and mission statement are significant elements in an organization. They are used to inform all the organization members the direction of the organization. Stakeholders can always be using these two statements to remind themselves the target and goals they should achieve. The management uses these statements to evaluate the performance of the organization. If the performance is low, the strategies are revised accordingly to enhance performance of organization (Carter and Roebuck, 2006).


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