Laney Boggs from She’s All That or Brian Johnson from The Breakfast Club

Posted: November 30th, 2013





Laney Boggs from She’s All That or Brian Johnson from The Breakfast Club

Timothy Shary’s article “Youth in School” depicts the characteristics and conflicts of nerds in a clear aspect. The roles played by nerds in the article indicate that they do not command the respect they deserve from their counterparts. The article indicates that nerds struggle to be accepted and understood while they endure social oppression. Nerds have a characteristic of excelling in their studies and this conformity to institutional expectations makes nerds excessively vulnerable and unoriginal. With a view of attaining their liberation, nerds normally opt to join sporting activities or mingle with girl. In numerous ways, nerds endure immense pressure compared to other characters, but this gives them a distinct accomplishment sense of respect.

From “The Breakfast Club” depicts Brian Johnson as the character playing the nerd role (Edwards, 12). He depicts the nerd role as a less than hip character. Throughout the day, Brian chooses to wear a simple pair of khaki trousers and a basic knit sweater. These characteristics warrant pressure from his family and friends to change into a normal student (Edwards, 23). On the other, Laney Boggs in the movie “She’s All That” plays the character of a “cute nerd”. Laney Boggs lacks the sex appeal and confidence associated with other girls (Film Reviews, 29). This breed of nerd appears to possess innocent qualities about them. However, they are capable of blending in with the other characters by simply dressing up. From the above analysis on nerd qualities, it can be established that Brian Johnson plays a better nerd character in relation to Timothy Shary’s “Youth in School”.

The characters of Laney Boggs and Brian Johnson serve to exemplify the concept definition as they play their roles. According to Timothy Shary, nerds mostly consist of males. This school of thought is derived from the more compelling tensions portrayed by nerd boys compared to girls. In this regard, nerd boys are depicted to lack a physical presence and are therefore, tormented by their peers. They are further ridiculed for their poor social skills and whereas nerd girls are depicted to use their smartness to their advantage (Film Reviews, 42). With a view of attaining their liberation, nerds tend to ally the desire to transform themselves into normal individuals to blend in with their peers.

From these qualities, we can establish that both Brian and Laney exemplify this definition on nerds by Timothy Shary. Brian has a relatively diminished physical presence compared to his presence and is consequently tormented by his peers especially at the detention session. He lacks the confidence to stand up for himself against oppression and ridicule. This and other occurrences make him endure pressure compared to his peers and at one time contemplate changing his outwards appearance. On the hand, we have Laney Boggs. She is a nerd that is nerd but bears attractive physical attributes and lacks confidence and sexual appeal. Laney exhibits her need to transforms when she dresses up for prom night after persuasion from her father. Laney looks exceptionally attractive after dressing and commands attention from male suitors (Film Reviews, 52). In conclusion, we can establish that both Laney Boggs and Brian Johnson exemplified the nerd aspect as defined by Timothy Shary’s “Youth in School”. However, this review found that Brian was much more in tune with the nerd definition compared to Laney.


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