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Posted: September 6th, 2013

Language & Communication







Language & Communication

Revision Summary

The changes I made to the draft include making a statement of the research question to establish an informed reason for the research. The other change I endeavored to make involved including an organized presentation of my analysis in accordance with concepts and themes. This endeavor also included a reflection of how my research emerged as well as how I was able to answer the research question with the available data. The revision strategies I used when making content changes include checking on the simplicity and specificity of my thesis statement. Another revision strategy I found useful for this purpose included checking for consistency in my research paper.


In this paper, I endeavored to examine language and communication among human beings, at a college setting in particular. I will present annotated bibliographies for support of my research. I am interested in identifying and establishing the system of language and communication in a college context. The purpose of carrying out this research is important. It will enable us to broaden our understanding of how language and communication among college students and graduates operates; as well as allow us consider their context lives accompanied with an informed understanding of them.

My research is based on qualitative analysis of articles and books on language and communication. My research on these articles yielded information and facts that language is a communication construct that revolves around the expanding information structures among members of any society. Compared to other forms, language is considered the most developed as well as the most fundamental. It is prudent to understand that humanity is capable of communicating in several other forms including and not limited to gestures, visual arts, paintings and sculptures. However, I have managed to establish that it would be a daunting task to communicate without the use of language.

Since man is considered a social being, communication between humanity is best articulated and facilitated by the implementation of language. In this case, language may take many forms. It is normally communicated through spoken and written information as well as reading from various sources. Upon my review of findings from this research, I was able to maintain that it is necessary for college students to acquire an ability of reading critically through ultimate comprehension. This ability should be seen to facilitate their excellence in properly evaluating information and documentation sources.

Most of the books and articles I annotated convinced me to arrive to the conclusion that when college students are endowed with the capability of critical reading and definitive comprehension, then it becomes imminent that communication to them becomes accurate and meaningful. They become capable of comprehending complex ideologies; those that need to be communicated clearly to deliver complete understanding with no ambiguity involved (Blachowiez, 2008). The outcome fosters individuals who bear high skills in applying and understanding language and communication. The capability enables college students to become familiar with most of the words contained in that particular language as well as having a better understanding on the entire rather than partial meaning of these words with regard to that particular language.

For example, Blachowiez and Ogle, in their book “Reading with Comprehension” maintained that certain classroom strategies and practices could endow students with the better capability of reading, comparing, and evaluating the language construct. In support of my findings, both Blachowiez and Ogle were able to establish that societies such as those in the United States need to employ initiatives that enable learners to acquire better understanding skills (Blachowiez, 2008).

Research data I further present serves as a confirmation that critical reading and definitive comprehension facilitates accurate and meaningful communication among students. An article by Tasdemir, “The effects of REAP reading comprehension technique on student success”, was able to establish that reading, encoding, annotating, and pondering (REAP) is a form of research technique aimed at identifying learning differences among students. Through this comprehension technique, I was able to make the finding that learning as a concept is influenced by a number of factors. Learning language in particular is influenced by comprehension activities (Tasdemir, 2010).

In this case learning language and definitive comprehension requires the implementation of critical thinking with regard to particular information. Factors of critical thinking are normally determined by listening and reading capabilities. With regard to my understanding, these determinants of comprehension can also include the evaluation and formation of how of cause and effect relate to each other. In this case, I was able to conclude that learning strategies implemented by students bear close relationship with learning strategies implemented in the learning process. In conclusion, it is prudent to understand that even though college students are endowed with the capability of critical reading and definitive comprehension become able to communicate accurately, the success of this factor is highly reliant on the comprehensiveness of the student in question. In this case, there is need for students to be committed towards learning the language, such as becoming familiar with most of the words contained in that particular language as well as having a better understanding on the entire meaning of these words with regard to that particular language.



Blachowiez, C. & Ogle D. (2008). Reading with Comprehension: Strategies for Independent Learners, New York, NY: Guilford Press.

Tasdemir, M. (2010). The effects of the REAP reading comprehension technique on students success. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality. 38.553-560

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