leadership Theory and Practice

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Leadership Theory and Practice

Mahatma Gandhi

One of the best leaders in the world was Mahatma Gandhi who preferred to adopt a democratic style of leadership that made him very popular in India and beyond Asia. Mahatma Gandhi was a leader of India from 1869 to around 1948 in British India. The leadership method portrayed by Gandhi was one of his worldwide qualities that were recognized and emulated. Gandhi was credited for being at the forefront in liberating India of the colonial rule of the British without using violent methods. He was also at the forefront in fighting for civil rights from the grassroots levels using non-violent civil opposition. Applying qualities such as love, peace and diplomacy,


The style approach focuses on the behavior and actions of the leaders. This is mainly in relation to the leaders’ subordinates. The two behaviors within this approach: tasks and relationships both have significance to the two earlier examples of leadership. In relation to Mahatma Gandhi’s’ leadership style, he focused more on the relationships that he built with his subordinates and subjects. Gandhi was a motivator who related with people by encouraging, inspiring and triggering thoughts among the people to help hem seize their rights.

Alternatively, the type of leadership displayed by Bashar focuses more on task behavior. The leader, Bashar has no consideration for the needs of the society. Human rights, democracy and other positive qualities of leadership are elements that are used by the autocratic regime to achieve their own idiosyncratic interests.  Bashar Al Assad is a dictator who utilizes power to control the decisions of his citizens at all costs including murder, terrorism and oppression (Northouse, 2012).

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