Learning Module #2

Posted: August 7th, 2013

Learning Module




Learning Module

            Internet search tools or cheat sheets are instruments that can be used to gain more knowledge using information technology. Learning and teaching with the help of technology is a very efficient: their use in some subjects can add different dimensions to the classroom and student learning process. However, learning using technology also has its limitations and consequences that must be reduced for it to be effective. The Internet will be used as a research tool among students between the grades of 11 to 12 who are investigated on the evolution of democracy and freedom.

Steps in Researching on Evolution of Freedom and Democracy

  • The student should elaborate and expound on the possible topics within the parameters of freedom and democracy. This involves listing down any definitions of freedom and democracy that will give the researcher more options during the online searching stages. An example would be defining freedom as the state of being at liberty or free and being exempted from external influence.
  • Users should have prior access and knowledge of the functioning of web browsers. These are computer applications that are used to retrieve, display and manipulate information databases on the Internet. Information resources might include web pages, videos, music or pictures. Some of the common web browsers include Opera, Mozilla Fire fox and Internet Explorer (Harris, 2005).
  • These keywords can then be entered in a search engine that is used to categorize the different web pages on the Internet that are consequently located within the databases of search engines. An example is entering the words “Evolution of Freedom and Democracy” in a preferred search engine such as Google, Wikipedia, Amazon or any other engines (Weller, 2002).
  • To obtain satisfactory results, the researcher can use both the basic and advanced searches. Simple searches are more common as they arrive at the results much faster but their disadvantage is that they are less refined and accurate. When information cannot be found using the simple search, the advanced search engines are used that narrow down the search to specific details. This will give the user appropriate links on the topic.
  • Search engines deliver several websites and their individual links that can be accessed. As a user, one is expected to determine the suitable link containing applicable information in relation to the given topic. It is imperative that one uses specific keywords and terms from the desired topic to increase the chances of succeeding in finding relevant topics. The Internet is a vast database of interconnected sites that will produce any result depending on what the user types in as the search terms. This is usually an essential tip in finding relevant information.
  • Individuals who lack knowledge on how to use browsers and web pages on the Internet or computers can access the help files that are usually indicated on the search engine web page. These help links assist a user to understand different elements within the process. Typically, help links can be activated using the F1 key although non-Windows browsers and systems may have different keys. One can use the directories that are present in most search tools (Harris, 2005).
  • The user needs to evaluate the site using the required information as the rubric. At this stage, the user determines whether the site he/she has selected has the relevant information to be used in their research. The best site can be decided upon based on the kind of information it provides. Good sites have almost relevant answers to the questions asked. The user might have to browse through several web pages to find a suitable one. He/she may also have to change the search terms and engines before finding the most relevant information on the Internet.




Harris, F. J. (2005). I found it on the Internet: Coming of age online. Chicago: American Library Association.

Weller, M. (2002). Delivering learning on the Net: The why, what & how of online education. London: Kogan Page.


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