Learning Module

Posted: August 7th, 2013

Learning Module






Learning module

Grade Level:

Subject: Evolution of Freedom and Democracy

Purpose/Learning Outcomes

The overall aim of this study is to develop a comprehensive cheat sheet that could be used by students from a specific age that is conversant with the use of the computer and the internet. Essentially such a tool is essential for individuals who seek information related to their topics of study. This paper intends to impart adequate and essential information to the learner on the processes of creating and using a cheat sheet for classroom activities. This encourages the students to become involved in the learning processes as they are driven by generating good results or outcome from the learning process (Espejo, 2009).

This paper will provide a detailed layout and process for generating and using a cheat sheet to further knowledge on various topics. The main topic of this paper is teaching and learning with the use of technology. It emphasizes the importance of using technology as an appropriate avenue for encouraging students’ participation within their studies. The students in the grades eleven to twelve who are students in the Social sciences are tasked with conducting a research based on Evolution of Democracy and Freedom.

The use of technology is applied in almost all aspects of daily life. Hence, it is essential that such can also be applied in the learning processes of students to enhance their classroom interrelations and interactions with their peers. Hence, they are able to develop and grow in the various subjects with the use of the internet and other widely used computer applications.

The learning outcomes of this learning module are set out as:

1. The course is aimed at enhancing individual skills in using the internet as well as other computer-based applications.

2. Students will be able to look for the information related to the selected topic. They will be tasked with ensuring that they understand the meaning and various facets of democracy and freedom.

3. Students are tasked with searching and recording information about the changes in terms of democracy and freedom.

4. Students should provide adequate information, all information, which can be gathered about the topic.

5. the should ensure that they adequately and succinctly present information n in a chronological order such that, any reader of the availed information can comprehend the topic and make relations to the information provided

6. They should also be able to provide new facts and information about the topic by searching the internet, to make the topic interesting and establish new facts that can be applied in classroom as well as non-classroom based environments.

7. Students are required to use fully the steps provided in the cheat sheet to master the art of searching using the internet as well as increasing their proficiency in using computers and the related computer software and products.

8. The knowledge imparted should be adequate for the students to complete their tasks as well as gain vital information that could be used later in life in terms of understanding the individual rights and liberties.

9. The cheat sheet will enable the students to identify the various phases of changes within the provided social themes of freedom and democracy.

Creating a website

The creation of a website is a difficult process necessitating the need of a specialist in making of a website. A website is essentially described as a collection of webpages, which are all linked together by a single address (Richardson, 2006).

Internet cheat sheet.

A cheat sheet is used by people as quick referencing resource that provides adequate information and links to similar information. The initial process of creating a cheat sheet is by selection of a preferred search engine. This is essential as the inappropriate search engine has the potency to lead to inadequate sources of information.

The main topic is freedom and democracy. Hence, the main words to be searched are Freedom and democracy in the modern society. The following outlined steps are used to arrive at the results of using the cheat sheet, which is to provide information about the identified topic.

• Introduction into the topic and about the topic: Freedom relates to an act of independence form control and determination of individual needs and wants. It is also essential to provide the various topics within the subject, which could enhance the development of a detailed research on the topic. This is vital, as it will enable you as a student to understand of the existing differences between a search engine and a search directory. A search engine is defined as one, which is used to identify the various webpages in the internet, which are subsequently placed within the databases of a search engine (Lewis, 2009).

• Enter the title of the topic “Evolution of Freedom and Democracy” into the webpage of the preferred search engine. Search engine is preferable as it usually has access to a variety of webpages, which contain related information about the topic. In addition, this is used because search engines usually store detailed information about a topic in a webpage.

• For a good search result, it is important to use both the simple and advanced searches respectively. A simple search is used, as it is quicker to arrive at related information about the topic. However when information is irretrievable it is necessary to use the advanced search engines. This is sued to narrow the search to specific details about the topics given. This might arrive at selected information about the topic, which leaves an individual with the option of choosing the appropriate link, and information needed to complete the research provided.

• The search engines deliver numerous websites and their respective links, which can be accessed. As a user, one is tasked with determining the appropriate link containing relevant information in relation to the provided topic. Some sites tend to e shallow in terms of the content provided (Lewis, 2009).

• In essence, it is important to use specific information and unique terms from the identified topic. This increases the actual chances of success in finding the relevant topic. This usually a basic tip to conducting effective searches on the internet about the topics provided.

• It is important for an individual who is not conversant with the use of computers or internet to state so. This could be done by using the help link indicated at the search engine’s home webpage. It enables n individual to avoid using searches, which do not have sufficient information or lead to broken webpage connections.

• One is supposed to use the directories in the search tools or those, which are visible in the subject directories. The directories are available in majority of the search tools. They are used in arrangement of the various sites in accordance with their information and categories. The categories provided are then used to refine the searches in order to arrive at the site with the relevant information.

• The last phase is the evaluation of the sites with the related information. This is the stage of determination of which site contain the best information for use for research. The best site can be identified by the relation of the content to the topics provided. It is also vital to establish the originality of the site and the information provided if the information needed is for scholarly work. Establish the sources of the information to gauge the reliability of the information provided.


• Initially, I intend to introduce the students to the topic of the changes of freedom and democracy. They shall be able to proceed with the assignment given that they have gained exposure to the topic. In addition, in intend to explain to them of the processes of using the various technology or computer based products.

The introduction into using the computer will boost their interest in the topic, as they will want to experience the use of the internet to search on the topics provided and other additional information, which might be related to the topic. I emphasized to the students on the need of providing new information, ideas and insights that is duly referenced to ensure that the information is reliable.

After delivery of the basics in using the search engines and the internet in general, it is important to ensure that the students are able to use such on their own. This is essentially a classroom or computer laboratory based activity. It is aimed at encouraging them to use the computer for study purposes as well as cultivate their interest in the internet as a source of information.



Implementation process:

• The first phase of implementation is establishing the overall aim of the topic. The topic seeks to establish the gradual changes on the identified social themes of freedom and democracy. The evolution of the provided themes has been a strong force towards achievement of individual rights and liberty. What was essentially considered as freedom and democracy in the traditional societies has evolved over time to develop new personalized meanings of freedom and democracy.

• The topic information provided should relate form the ancient civilizations through the modern society into the 21st century. They should be able to provide direct information and details succinctly of the various events, which are related to the topic (Fisher, Dwyer & Yocam, 2006).

• I will ensure that I have identified the needs of the students, which are essentially to have an easy time while conducting the research. They should be made to understand of what they are expected to conclude in the research.

Evaluation tool:

The aim of using an evaluation tool is to establish if the students have attained proficiency in use of the search engines and generally the internet for study purposes. Hence, it aims at ensuring that the information provided is accurate. The evaluation the learning module for cheat sheets provides the instructor with an initial perspective of the effects of providing them with the needed (Lewis, 2009).

The evaluation tool to be used is to give the students similar tasks, which should be delivered within a shorter period in comparison to the initial tasks. Such a task would provide the instructor with an appropriate channel for evaluating the acquisition of skills in research about the provided topic. The evaluation process of the learning model is exercised through the outcomes provided by the students in the provided tasks. After completion of the module provided as an instructor one should be able to gauge the participants or students’ level of perception in relation to the topic provided. Validation of the perception of users of the learning module is aimed at ensuring that the participants understood what they were expected to do in the module. This is achieved by asking questions about their observations, assumptions and insights gained from the activity (Lewis, 2009).

The students should be able to collect and analyze the information they have gained from the various internet sites and interpret the same into writing. This is essentially the aim of ensuring that the students are able to use the internet. They are thus required to develop research skills in analyzing the various sources of information and the authenticity of such. Another means of assessment of the students is to introduce questions from the assigned topics in order to evaluate their level of understanding of the questions asked as well as the information provided.

The use of concept test is also another assessment tool which I am set to use to evaluate the learning outcomes of the students and if they gained adequate information. Concept test are usually based on the main issues which evident in the topic especially what was learnt in the classroom. New information in the test could be introduced to find out if the students were attentive in classroom and if they conducted research on the topic (Lewis, 2009).

Peer reviews are also essential in that this could encourage exchange of ideas amongst the students. The students are able to assess each other on the research each individual conducted. This would provide them with an avenue of learning new information form one another, which they may have omitted from their individual writing.




Espejo, R. (2009). Has technology increased learning? Detroit: Greenhaven Press.

Fisher, C., Dwyer, D. C., & Yocam, K. (2006). Education and technology: Reflections on computing in classrooms. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers.

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Richardson, W. (2006). Blogs, wikis, podcasts, and other powerful web tools for classrooms. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Corwin Press.

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