Learning Tasks 1: Individual Written Assignment

Posted: August 6th, 2013


With most of the organizations entering the global workforce, they are forced to find ways of managing a significant number of employees. The human resource in turn faces a lot of pressure due to the high workload that comes with the large number of employees. This is because they are forced to serve many people. Therefore, to solve this problem, the organizations have employed the use of the HRIMS that fastens these operations. This system makes the HR manager’s work easier. The Human Resource information system has various concepts that ensure its efficiency. In addition, the human resource managers also have to ensure that they consider the security issues in the implementation of the HRIMS. This will ensure safety in the company private and sensitive records. In addition, the employees will also feel safe since their information will be safely guarded.  In order for the system to be successful, the human resource manager has to ensure safety in the implementation of the HRIMS (Burbach & Dundon, 2011)



            The companies employing the use of the HRIMS today benefit immensely from it. This is because they save time and costs. These companies take advantage of the advancing technology in order for them to be efficient in their services. They are also able to mange their employees efficiently and with ease. However, they have to practice high security maintenance in order to maintain their customers. In addition, the company needs to make sure the employees’ information is safe from the unauthorized people. Failure to do this may cause unauthorized people to access their information. The unauthorized people may also have physical access to their databases. Therefore, without the security, the Human Resource Information Management System implementation might not be successful

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