left handed people have right brain traits than right handed

Posted: August 6th, 2013


Most people are right handed. Scientists trying to explain this difference over the years have realized that the brain is lateralized, each of the two hemispheres having different roles to play. It was also found that the brain is asymmetrical, and each hemisphere tends to control the opposite side of the body more than the other. This has been used in determining differences between left-handed and right-handed people. This study seeks to show that left people have more traits attributed to the right brain than the right-handed people do. This is done through a literature review of credible sources for analysis. The findings show that left handed people tends to have more traits attributed to the right brain than right-handed people did.



The issue of handedness is about the hand that a person uses to perform specialized skills such as writing and handling things such as playing an instrument. Many scientists have suggested that the difference is determined in the most energy intensive skills of human beings, which are motor skills in hands and language. Language skills are mostly found in the left hemisphere of the brain. Each of the two hemispheres seems to control certain functions of the body. More so, it was found that each side of the brain tends to control more of the opposite side of the body. Thus, left handed people use more of their right brain than their left-brain. This brings to the conclusion that left handed people will tend to have more traits associated with the right portion of brain than the left portion.

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