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LensCrafters provides eye care services to customers in America, Canada and Puerto Rico with an estimated 860 distributed stores. Its headquarters are in Cincinnati, Ohio. They are known for prescribing sunglasses and eyeglasses and are considered the biggest optical chain in America. It started in 1983 as the only optical store to guarantee eyeglasses in less than an hour. Today, LensCrafters is one of the foremost optical retailers with immaculate customer services, excellent products and “some of the biggest names in frames” (LensCrafters, 2012). They fit lenses using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that the customers receive the perfect lenses. With their “LensSimulator”, they help clients to find the right lens for their sight. LensCrafters offers only expert care for their customers with proficient optometry doctors at every store.

  • CBP, Strategy and Competitive Priorities

LensCrafters’s mission statement is focused on being the best at providing exceptional customer service. Their Customer Benefit Package involves providing goods and services that meet the needs of individual customers, all in about an hour. They are popular in North America for their legendary eye exams, an extensive variety of lenses and frames, service delivery in less than one hour, pocket-friendly prices and the unrestricted 90-day guarantee. They also have conveniently located branches, professional employees, the latest eye-exam equipment and eyewear accessories to meet the different tastes of their loyal customers. LensCrafters portray their commitment through honest care for their customer’s eyes and constantly are determined to improve the experiences of their customers. The associates at LensCrafters are straightforward and transparent with their clients. At LensCrafters, the customers are put first and the employees seek to maintain the connection they have with their customers.

  • Service Delivery System Design

LensCrafters have their branches conveniently located in highly populated areas like shopping malls. This ensures that they reach their target market faster. Their shops are large, sanitary with carpeted floors, specialized display sections, well furnished retail area, fully equipped laboratory with the latest machinery and well-lit rooms. Clients and employees interact in the eye-exam rooms and “fitting stations” (Collier & Evans, 2010). The walls are decorated with certificates and degrees as evidence of the competencies of the employees. Customers are greeted by the relevant employees when they enter the store and directed to the appropriate service area. Here, their eyes are examined and the proper lenses prescribed. The customer is led to the display area where they choose the frames of their liking. The customer watches as the spectacles are being prepared in the laboratory and they get a last fitting. Constant communication is maintained between the customer and the employees.

  • Service Encounter Design

The employees at LensCrafters possess the required skills and knowledge for optimum work productivity. Laboratory technicians have the needed certifications for their line of work and all other employees undergo training before and during their period of employment. The employees at LensCrafters offer unsurpassed services because they are well motivated with rewards and employment recognitions from the management team. Grooming is paramount at LensCrafters because their line of service is eye care, which is sensitive. Therefore, all employees and associates observe acute cleanliness measures within and without the stores. Customer relations at LensCrafters is incomparable hence the reason why they have devoted customers and continue to win the hearts of many.

Lessons Demonstrated

Other organizations might learn to have unmatched mission statements that act as motivators towards providing the best goods and services to their customers. Addressing the needs of customers is also important in any organization, as this enhances the relationship of the organization and their clients. Customers should not be kept waiting during their visit to any organization, there should be assigned employees to deal with customers from the time they book their appointments to the time they leave. The connection between the customer and the organization should not be disrupted. Any business that offers goods and services should employ warranties as one of their business terms and conditions. Like LensCrafters who have a 90-day guarantee on all their products, organizations should provide their customers with the option of returning goods.

Business location is imperative when it comes to accessing the target market. LensCrafters has branches in the most convenient places for the sake of their customers. Organizations should ensure that they are located near their customers. This will increase sales and strengthen customer relations. Customer needs are put first and employee honesty is essential for success in any organization. There should be variety in the goods and services offered by the organization with reasonable prices. Customers should be able to have a wide variety from which to choose. Personal and professional hygiene is one of the most important factors for impeccable service provision. The employees of the organization should observe cleanliness regardless of the nature of business. This will guarantee customer loyalty, commitment and trust.

Organizations should ensure that they recruit highly qualified employees and offer training services before and during employment. This promotes employee and general business productivity. Inclusive transparency should be encouraged between the organization and its customers in terms of offering the best services. Once a relationship is established between the employees and their customers, constant communication should be maintained. Excellent after-sales services involve employees valuing the customers’ feedback and monitoring their progress after service provision. Organizations should provide proper motivation to the employees because this will reflect how they interact with customers. This can be done through employee performance records and rewarding systems.

Service provision is nothing without the latest equipment. Organizations should employ the latest machinery in their laboratories and factories for convenience. Technological advancements have changed the way organizations conduct business by improving working apparatus. LensCrafters use the latest eye care equipment in their laboratories and examination areas to ensure their customers receive the right lenses for their sights. These improvements will guarantee exceptional services. It is also important for organizations to set the recommended behavior standards of their employees.


LensCrafters are still the only optical retailers whose services are offered in less than an hour. This trait is what makes then unique in their line of business and a threat to their competitors in the eye care market. They possess excellent technical and management skills, which continue to flourish their business in all their branches. LensCrafters have the required characteristics for successful businesses (Benioff & Southwick, 2004). Some of their characteristics should be adapted by organizations for growth and strong customer relations. Their service provision includes employee transparency and putting the needs of their customers first and this is why they are rated number one in the United States of America.



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