Library Research Project

Posted: September 3rd, 2013


Library Research Project






Library Research Project

Good project management software should be able to enhance the execution of duties for the manager and enhance the efficiency in conduct of business. The project management software chosen is Gantt Project, which offers numerous capabilities for any project manger or more so management in the company. The software has different features such as task management, issue tracker, document management, time tracker and portfolio management. The software is registered under the General Public License (GPL), which is used for free software retrieved online for commercial purposes. Project management can be a difficult task without the proper tools and adequate knowledge in project management. Good project management can be achieved by use of proper tools that will fit into a certain project and act in its favor. Several tools can be incorporated to enable achievement of project goals.

Time schedule tools are vital in setting up of a period within which to achieve the goals of the project. A tool that is able to issue the user with deadlines for achieving certain goals is beyond a usual tool as it acts on itself without aid from the user. In addition, this also allows for ease in evaluation of progress of the project that will necessitate some changes for achievement of the goals. Analysis tools are vital for synthesis of complex information that might take along time to be processed manually. This also breaks down the overall project into details that constitute the overall project for evaluation.

Evaluation tools such as charts and graphs are vital in evaluating the progress achieved by a company in terms of the project. Such tools are considered as artificial intelligent systems that only require to be fed with information and they are able to synthesize such information without human assistance.

SWOT Analysis


It comes as free software, which has been tested by highly trained software developers. Free software does not generally mean that it is of poor quality but it is free because it has proved to be effective in project management purposes. The software is considered as one of the most down loaded software on the internet because of its easy to use features and the ability to manage projects effectively and efficiency. Most of the users have recorded significant success in using the software and some view it as exceptional in comparison to off the shelf software, which have little credibility in the market as they are rarely tested in the market by project managers or companies in general.

The program can run in a variety of operating systems such as the Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.  


The presence of the software as a free product also raises queries to the user of the software because it might be full of defects hence the decision by the software producers to make it free. For instance the software takes longer time to process tasks in comparison to what has been stated in the terms and policies for downloading the software.

In addition, the software is complex in nature making it difficult to use without following he guidelines illustrated in the steps to use outline that comes with the software after downloading. The software is found online on a free basis, thus this can be interpreted that the software is already in use by numerous companies such that it might also be in use by the company’s competitors.


The opportunities that will be afforded to the company from the use of the product are numerous. The software allows for ease in management of tasks due to its task bar feature that is clearly visible

It has charts that are essential for evaluation of the progress achieved in a project. This essential for making changes to policies or strategies that might enable the project manager and the company to achieve its set goals.

The use of the software is bound to increase the company’s rate of achieving its project goals hence an increase in productivity of the company. Efficient management of projects ensures that there are little or no deviations, which might be costly to a company. A project could entail venture into a new market or development of a new product, thus if the project is able to achieve its goals on a timely basis then the company might eventually succeed in the new line of products or entry into the new market. The use of the software with its numerous easy to use features can help the company pursue new projects that have a higher


The use of the software might be risky as it might be corrupted, leading to loss of vital communication and destruction of existing software and hardware in the company. In addition, there might be presence of malicious software such as spy software that is meant to steal vital project information and ideas from the company. Installation of monitoring software and cleaning software to detect malicious software should be installed in company computers to prevent loss and theft of sensitive information about the company that might be used by the competitors.

The use of the software might render the achievement of the goals of the company unachievable.

Incase of stolen information as a result in malfunction by the software, such information could be used by competitors to pursue similar initiatives, which might result in fierce competition expensive to accompany.

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