Live Theatre Events and Turn in a Written Response

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Live Theatre Events and Turn in a Written Response

I happened to view Othello originally written by Shakespeare on Tuesday 24 2012 at the Artist Repertory Theatre. I can describe the play as enchanting and exceptional in it script and the entire presentation of the play. I liked the play because of the plot of the script presenting the social differences in existent in the society. In addition the author, directors were exceptional by choosing a good cast who were an ideal fit for the play. The different actors showed tremendous talent and determination in making the crowd excited and kept us on the edge of our seats by their dramatic skills (William Shakespeare).

The script is a tragedy by Shakespeare, which centers on a Moorish general named Othello, his wife Desdemona, lieutenant Cassio and his trust worthy junior officer Lago. The play opens with the scene of Roderigo complaining to Lago that he has not informed him of an undisclosed marriage between Othello and Desmondia, who is the daughter of Senator Brabantio. He is distressed because he professes love for Desmondia. Lago hates Othello for promoting a junior officer who was of lower rank to a higher position in the military. The script is full of tragedies as Brabantio confronts Othello for his perceived elopement with his daughter. Brabantio in addition accuses Othello of using witchcraft to seduce his daughter (William Shakespeare). Lago is powerful in his act of deception and manipulation of Cassio and Roderigo to both engage in a fight after he finds Cassio too drunk to fight. Lago’s plans fall into place as Cassio is demoted for causing disturbances and a brawl. Lago is portrayed as a powerful individual in his tactful approach to eliminate the elusive Cassio who seems to survive miraculously after very attempt by Lago to have him eliminated. The play ends with the death of Othello as he commits suicide when he realizes he killed Desdemona innocently when truth emerges after exposure by Emilia, wife to Lago that he had conspired to Cassio killed. The play was enchanting because of the plot and the role of Lago in the murder and agony of numerous people in the play. His artistic deceitful skills in manipulation can only be described as ingenious.

The director s chose to emphasize the presence of hate and deception in the play as depicted by the cunning Lago who is the cause of agony and tragedy in the play. The play was brought out in an excellent way by blocking to present the audience with the various emotional and dramatic scenes in the script. Blocking in essence is important for the audience to view the various expressions depicted by the various actors in the cast. Casting was also vital in selection of the best actors for the various roles in the Othello Script. The play was also enhanced by the presence of the furniture to enable the audience experience the time setting of the play, which can be described as medieval period. Props were also important to illustrate the various settings of the play (Hughley, 34).

The lighting was also excellent because only the stage was illuminated. This enabled those in far sitting positions to have a clear view of the play as it unfolded scene by scene. In addition, the sound was audible as it was enhanced by audio equipment for all the audience to hear irrespective of their sitting positions (Hughley, 34). From where I was seated, I had a clear view and clarified voices because the directors used state of the art equipment to present the play. The lighting for example was bright in some scenes to depict the various moods in the various scenes of the play.

The acting was professional and it was difficult to differentiate between whether it was an acting scene or it was based on individual experiences. For example, the scene where Othello smothers Desdemona to death seems as a real event as she chokes to death depicting a real life event. I found the cunning Lago as the best actor because of his skills in deceiving people and manipulating them to commit heinous acts.

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