L’Oreal’s System Reengineering

Posted: October 17th, 2013

L’Oreal’s System Reengineering




L’Oreal’s System Reengineering

  1. 1.                  Describe several reasons why L’Oreal needed to reengineer its information systems.

One reason that made L’Oreal reengineer its information systems was due to the insufficiency of the existing systems in attaining global product homogeny. This was for consolidation of the various information systems around the world to support product uniformity. L’Oreal also wanted to ensure that its products were produced with quality control and uniform production. L’Oreal also reengineered its systems in order to improve quality, productivity and safety. Another reason that L’Oreal needed to reengineer its systems included establishing a system that coordinated and integrated the manufacturing operations with other vital processes such as financial controls, transaction activities, purchasing operations and other factory processes.

  1. 2.                  Describe the benefits of L’Oreal new information systems. Explain how the benefits you describe are related to L’Oreal’s strategic goals using specific examples to support your arguments.

The implementation of the new information systems allowed the firm to upgrade its systems without interrupting its factory processes. The new information systems also allowed L’Oreal to deliver their factories online at a faster rate. Additionally, the new information systems allowed the firm to deal with the complexities associated with manufacturing and testing of the product recipes’ quality. Moreover, the systems have enabled L’Oreal to increase its general capacity and hence decrease discrepancies in production leading to considerable cost savings. The benefits are related to L’Oreal strategic goals since they were aimed at uniform production of quality cosmetic products over the world. For instance, L’Oreal’s objective in reengineering its systems was based on achieving global product homogeny. Moreover, the firm’s goal of producing cosmetics that were consistent and qualified enabled it to upgrade its systems in order to integrate vital processes that would ensure consistent production and quality of its products.

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