Posted: November 26th, 2013






Yes! I will wait

On a lonely, dry desert

Yearning for your love

With sand and dust on my body

I will lie still


Summer field

Sprawling over acacia ears

Dawning haze

Fading into naught

So my love


My soft body

Wasted by drought

Incase only I

Like fields burned through

Had wish for summer


They are relocating

The dry desert

In a range land

Shortly there is nothing remains on

To rest for myself


The rangeland

Is not my dwelling

My loneliness, it appears

Have become deep

My residence a mere dream


Longing to meet him

Too brawny for limits

Nobody to charge

For sleeping with you at night

Down the pathway of nightmares


Soon I will meet him

Together we celebrate

No one can tell

The joy in my heart

Except you my love














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