Posted: November 27th, 2013






Machinima is an entertainment network that began operations six years ago. The name comes from loosely combining the words machine and cinema. It targets males aged between 18 and 34 years. The company has managed to expand its market, and it has posted growth of 300% in the last three years. Currently, it receives more than 2billion Youtube video views per month, with viewers spending approximately 100 minutes. The company intends on attracting players who are used to buying packaged games as online paying customers. The company deals with voluminous data from different networks, user devices and the social web. It deals with all sorts of data including video, social media, and text. It uses both web and mobile platforms to deliver large and complex data sets.

The company receives and creates data, stores it, and enables its customers to retrieve it. It further analyses the information received to determine its most appropriate location. This demands use of big data technology such as digital analytics. The use of big data technology in the form of analytics has enabled the company to know and understand its customers better thus providing relevant services. The company is able to browse its customer’s history thereby determining their preferences. In turn, the company delivers personalized content to its customers in real time. The company also benefits from the technology, as it is able to target customers in its marketing efforts. Through big data technology, the company is able to know which of its marketing efforts are effective. It uses digital marketing analytics to reach specific customers with relevant information through messaging. Customers do not have to worry about receiving unwanted messages from the company. Whatever information they get relates to them in a specific way.



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