Major developments in cinema

Posted: October 17th, 2013





Major developments in cinema

Cinematography evolved from photography. The first machine to take photographs was invented by William Lincoln in 1867. A French man called Louise Lumiere was the first to invent a motion picture camera that was mobile. This is when filming began in 1895. Lumiere and his brothers began an era of motion picture, which was projected with photographic pictures. They had an audience, which actually paid to watch their presentation. It was a cheaper and more convenient way of dealing with entertainment of a crowd. The first eleven years of cinema had it develop from written work in a novel to motion pictures. For the first thirty years of cinema, it was called the silent era because films never had sound until 1923.

Lumiere brothers started a film company called Edison. They borrowed some ideas from other artists like Williamson and Smith’s films. For example, they stopped in between shots in case of a mistake. They also shot parts of a film at different times. This is a technique of enhancing films. It is still in use even to date. By 1895, Europe added effects to films using kinetoscope machines. For example, the cast actually performed action that corresponded with words. They also used costumes and props to create a realistic scenario. George Melies included magic shows in the theaters, which was a great advancement in the entertainment industry.

Many genres in films were introduced during the silent era and they continued to improve as the years went by. The major objective was to have reality and visionary film producers. This was later combined with illusion, which interested the audience and the number grew very fast. Production of films improved significantly. It changed from one and multiple reel to complexity. Film companies started to realize bigger profit margins and this opened a door for better films. To have better films, the studio was enhanced to be vertical. This was to ease production by having all aspects done from one place. They included producing the film, marketing and showing the features. These adjustments attracted audiences from higher social status. People started forming careers in acting and they became popular in the film industry.

The most popular place where cinema has been profound is Hollywood. It is also called the cinema of the United States since early 20th Century. For many years, American Cinema has dominated the film industry. It started with the silent era then Hollywood classical cinema to the current contemporary films. Modern cinema has been inspired by the urge to produce a spectacle in the movie industry. Since the 1950’s, epics have taken the opportunity of availability of big screens. They have used them to popularize the movies as well as marketing them. Modern films are much longer than the original ones. They have developed from being minutes long to hours long. Currently, producers are creating films that can be screened for several days. They are commonly referred to as series.

The greatest film producing country is India followed by Nigeria. Hollywood is the third largest film producing state. Other countries are coming up with their locally produced movies. The film industry takes a large and significant part of the entertainment industry. It has created employment for many actors and other professionals in the film industry. Films have played a big role in reflecting and addressing issues in the society. For example, many films produced from 2000 have focused on the theme of terrorism in the world. Others have incorporated political issues that are crucial. Generally, films are informative and educative as well as entertaining. This industry is dynamic and keeps changing. It is expected more advancements will happen in future.

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