Posted: October 17th, 2013






1. List the top three projects you recommend based on the financial analysis information? What measure(s) did you use in your ranking?

•Acquisition of a leading entity is a lucrative opportunity for an organization seeking to increase its dormant revenues.

• Increasing efficiency is essential and could be achieved through automation to ensure achievement of costs reduction targets and an increase in quality of processes, and subsequently the quality of products developed.

• Expansion for the plant would enable the organization achieve its goals for development of new products in new areas and increasing its production capacity.

2. List 3 you recommend based on non-quantitative benefits or costs criteria? What measure(s) did you use in your ranking? 

•Improvement of organizational efficiency translates in qualitative improvements in terms of products and service quality issued to the consumer. This could be achieved through new machinery such as automated systems and conveyor belts.

•Safety and environmentalism could provide the organization with varied benefits. Environmentalism and safety would enable the organization actualizes its social responsibilities, accrue a better public image and reduce legal liabilities associated with inadequate safety measures in the organization and lack of observance of environmental standards. This is actualized through the development of water discharge and treatment plants in order to ensure adherence to environmental standards well the safety of the employees.

3. List top three projects that you recommend based on both financial and non-quantitative analysis details discussed above. 

•Acquisition of a leading brand would enable the organization gain control of the specific market of operation. This would enable the organization to diversity its investments and increase its profitability.

•New products development of a line of ice creams would provide the organization with the much-needed opportunity to diversify its investments as well as create a competitive edge in the market. In addition, it would also provide the much-needed additional revenue steams for an organization whose revenues have been static in its recent financial period.

• A new computerized inventory control systems to ensure updated stock information and requisition from customers for delivery of new products. Minimizes threats posed by fraud and errors in inventory control activities.

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