Market Evaluation 3

Posted: August 5th, 2013

Executive Summary

Hidden Valley Cabins is a tourism resort located near Townville that has been in operation since 1982. The Hidden Valley Cabins can accommodate over 60 guests in full capacity with up to 15 people in conferences and 45 people on the rest of the resort rooms. Marketing opportunities into the current Hidden Valley Cabins can however improve its current operations to increase its profits margins. The outcome of a situational analysis of Hidden Valley Cabins will be vital in understanding the needs of their customers. The establishment will then be able to cater to those demands and the management of the company will be able to target their market segments even more accurately. This outcome of this market restructuring will give Hidden Valley Cabins a competitive advantage over their competitors.

1.0 Introduction

This paper analyses an evaluation of the marketing opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins. A situational analysis that covers the market background, market size and growth, the key competitors, environmental factors, market segments and consumer behavior factors will also be done. This paper will investigate into the marketing opportunities for Hidden Valley Cabins along with the financial viability opportunities and changes that need to take place to make the current operations profitable.


8.0 Conclusion:

Tourism is a growing industry and it is important for Hidden Valley Cabins to keep a look out for new trends and fashion within the market. They need to keep up with emerging trends so that they are able to remain ahead of the competition. Integrating the recommendations of the situational analysis of the market, the management of Hidden Valley Cabins will be able to grasp the information that is required that will help them serve their customers in a better way.

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