Posted: August 6th, 2013

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A customer is a key element in any organization. How they perceive a product is important as it determines whether they will purchase it. When a product is launched in the market, there are certain expectations that a manufacturer has. They expect to make good if not great sales from it. However sometimes this is not the case and management has to make certain tradeoffs to improve on their product’s presence.

Hofstede’s and SERVQUAL dimensions talk about how perceptions of service quality vary across cultural groups. This is because the beliefs that a society has really push them into making or not making a purchase from a particular company. They postulated that the relationship between customers and brand loyalty was based on service quality perceptions, cultural dimension positions, and the implications drawn for international service market segmentation. The cultural background should be taken into consideration as people are becoming more diverse and intermarrying thus adopting new cultures. Furrer, Olivier; Shaw-Ching, Ben; & Sudharshan also looked at this issue in depth in their article “The Relationships between Culture and Service Quality Perceptions: Basis for Cross-Cultural Market Segmentation and Resource Allocation.” It was published in May 2000 in the Service Research journal volume 2, number 4 and pages 355-372. The article was meant to show businesses, tradeoffs are necessary in research design cost, project implementability to increase sales and customer loyalty to a brand. If this is done well then a company will improve its market share. This article addresses how culture and behavioral intentions affect services. This article points out how and the way people view service providers with emphasis on banks.



            The research and the findings are valid as the cultural and behavioral intentions have an impact on brand loyalty. The findings do not only apply to banks but to society as a whole. The measures measure exactly what they are supposed to measure as feedback was got from what researchers wanted to find out. The measures are reliable since they have addressed the problems in real life situations. The unit of analysis was group and it was appropriate, as they needed a sample group to represent all bank clientele (Subhash, Ramaseshan, Mason, Bejou & Pancras, 2006).

The research findings got by Furrer et al., showed that, businesses should take into consideration how a customer views their brand. If it is perceived in the wrong way, they might end up losing business to competition. People will depend on their experience or other people’s experience when choosing to buy a product thus their corporate image and customer care is very important. When it pertains to people’s culture businesses should strive to make tailor-made services that are acceptable to all and not just a specific demographic

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