Posted: August 6th, 2013

Determine the Research Purpose

Port of Subs operates in one of the most lucrative markets, the fast-food market, but also one of the most challenging markets in the world given that rapid changes in the consumer preferences. A market is defined as the range of systems an infrastructure set up enabling various parties to carry out transactions or trade.

Financial Information to Forecast Sales

To calculate the sales volume of the entity, it is paramount to avail information such as previous financial statements to understand the growth or decline in terms of the sales. This would enable arrival of a relative conclusion in terms of the sales accrued by the entity. In addition, sales information could be achieved by calculation of the acquired market share of the entity by summing up the numbers of consumers of foods in the city or country (Stevens, 38).


Analysis of Information Acquired

After ensuring close and adequate review of information as well as in-depth evaluation of the sources, such information could be used to formulate new strategies of entry into the new identified market segment. Such information collected could be enhanced by individual analysis of the consumer behavior in present markets, future market trends in the specific consumer market, and competitor approaches towards the identified market. Such information is the highlight of any market opportunity analysis as it is aimed at understanding the market with adequate depth for the overall entry into the market. Accuracy in any research is essential even though such information acquired is susceptible to unforeseen as well as uncontrollable behavior and market actions. However, the results in terms of information acquired through the research could be relatively accurate even though not completely accurate (Stevens, 47).

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