Marketing paper

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Marketing paper

            Marketing is crucial aspect of the corporate since it works to ensure that a firm is not only productive, but its products are appealing and serve the needs of the customers. Cartier is world renowned company that deals with the production and sales of high-end jewelry. In its recent marketing campaign, the company has launched “L’Odyssée de Cartier”. This is a short film that lasts approximately three and a half minutes and follows on the iconic brand of the company, the panther, as it travels half way across the world into the Asian world. Along the way, the panther brushes with foundational moments and identities from the company’s history.

This is film is important in the creation of a brand image chosen by the company effectively creating an impression in the company’s consumers of the personality of the company and its products. The advert creates the impression that if the company were a leopard, it would make the world its colony, tearing down golden dragons and making giant elephants its mode of transportation. The leopard is highly symbolic of a valiant warrior who faces dangers bravely with force and courage. These are attributes women envision on their potential mates. The leopard, belonging to the cat family, is highly graceful and sleek in its walk owing to the common reference of the catwalk in the fashion shows. With this regard, the brand image highly appeals to the womenfolk, who are by far the largest customers to the company (Dana, 2012).

Additionally, the spots on the leopard recount on the global pedigree of the company and the panther works to symbolize the company’s expertise in jewelry. There are very many associations made by the potential customers between the panther and luxury. In the first instance, the panther creates the notion of the “wild” that gives the nuance that the owner is above the bandwagon who believes that they must conform. The changing into a panther or the chance to own one, provides one with the nuance that he or she can be free from the inhibitions of life and unleash ones sexuality given panthers have long being associated with sexuality.

Historically, the taming and ownership of panthers is practice dating back into the Egyptian period and is associated with wealth and sensuality. The concern regarding adorning fur as a garment has undergone complete change. There is an industry that deals with the production of faux clothes that characterize the real texture. They highly accessorize their garments and connected them with the panther. Since there are a considerable number of male customers who purchase these products for their mates, the use of the leopard in this case creates the impression of domesticating the wild mate and taming her. There is the nuance that the mate will be wild in bed. There is therefore an overwhelming sexist and phallocentricity of the nexus in the associations (Cartier, 2012).

In reference to transcending global cultures the company as a means of launching into the Asian market uses the image of the dragon to create an intimate relationship with the people. Since the company is a foreign one regarding the Asian market, the use of the dragon, which forms deep cultural meaning among the people of Asia, makes the market identify with the company and has its products engraved in their hearts, just like the dragon is. The image of the dragon renders the company to be part of the people’s rich cultural history and in the process; the company is able to shed its foreign perception in Asia given the magnificent Cartier trinity rings that make their appearances in beautiful locations such as the Great Wall of China and the magnificent Maharajah palace (Gabriel, 2012).

One of the iconic pieces of Cartier jewelry displayed in the short film is the magnificent bracelet, “The Love Bracelet.” This is a classic design that needs a screwdriver to wear. This serves to depict the inseparable love. Another famous piece of Cartier jewelry showcased in the short film is the classic Cartier Santos watch. This watch was specifically designed under the specifications of Brazilian aviator, Alberto Santos–Dumont.


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