Martin Luther King Junior

Posted: September 3rd, 2013





Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King Junior was an activist, civil leader and a leader in the church. He was against racial discrimination in America. Being an African American, he led a campaign against racial segregation. I am inspired by his efforts as an activist. They were met with many obstacles but he did not stop to advocate what was right. He teaches a valuable lesson to all people. Everyone should campaign for equality and fairness. People should always strive to do what is right. He set an example of an all round person in the society. He was a leader in almost all social setups. He felt the burden of persuading people to stand for what is right and abolish unfair treatment in the community. When he was shot, he was rushed to hospital. An emergency surgery was done. Though it did not save his life, the doctors found out something. His heart was functioning like that of an aged person. This was because of the dedication he made to his country. His life story inspires me to participate in community service.

For many years, the whole of America was filled with unfair treatment towards the black people. They were considered inferior and hence, mistreated. Martin Luther King Junior was not afraid of facing opposition. He mobilized other Black Americans and they began planning. They carried out boycotts and demonstrations. Just like King, no one should be afraid to support the right thing, even though it means incurring losses. His house was bombed during the Montgomery boycott. Other people were also arrested because they believed in their cause. He was also arrested because of being an activist. I like his strong will because nothing stopped him from achieving his goals. His speeches and sermons are inspiring because they have teachings and full of encouragements to people.

I admire Martin Luther King’s humility. As a leader in the society, he believed he was a servant to the people and led them in achieving their human rights and getting their rightful place in society. Many leaders today get inspiration from his leadership styles. It should be well understood that being a leader, one does not need to have arrogance and pride. His humility is also shown when he said he intends to follow the teaching of Mahatma Gandhi. This shows he does not rely on his own knowledge but seeks mentorship from relevant people. It has taught me to choose the right mentors and take after them. As a student, he inspires me by his educational background. When he was a school-going boy, he was an excellent performer. In fact, he skipped the ninth and twelfth grade and went to college. This did not just happen easily for him, as he had to work hard for it. It is important for students to dedicate themselves fully to education.

Nobel Prize was awarded to him for his many efforts and achievements. He did not serve the community with the aim of getting a prize. Due to his selflessness and wisdom, he was recognized and given this award. It is a good teaching to everybody that no one should do voluntary work and expect to be rewarded. Before he dies, he addresses the people and tells them to continue working hard until they achieve the target. Since he was religious, he hoped that all would go well even in his absence. The people wondered why he talked metaphorically. It could be he sensed he would not live for long. It is admirable and inspiring to all people the way he led his life. He dedicated it in service of the people, and he did not expect any compensation. A person does not need to be paid for everything he or she does. Today people have not forgotten about Martin Luther King Junior’s teachings, quotes and sermons. Reading a few quotes helps people to overcome their fears and doubts and they get inspired by this great person. All the sacrifice he made in fighting discrimination, yielded excellent results. Racial segregation is not allowed in the USA. Although few individuals still discriminate others, the law treats everyone favorably.

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